Thursday, December 16, 2004

2 months..

it's almost 2 months i ain't blogging..
lotsa things happen.. good n bad things..
one of the event i can't forget is raye..
huhu.. i met that stoopid gal at nolie's wed..
she's trying to avoid me all along..
i can't see the hate in her face..
well baby.. jez take ur hate to ur entire life.. i dun care..
i know u r suffering when seing me wif my beloved husband..
well, i dun mind if every gals fren were by ur side ignoring me.. coz i got my husband beside me all the time..
pa, i luv u..
n wut else ah...?
the most bad thing happend.. we lost our saving rm3000 becoz of being stupid..
it's our fault... both of us.. n the sad thing is.. that saving is actually for our baby.. n now we in the hell.. try to find a way to get back the money coz hell the money we have now ain't enuf for my baby..
God help me...
2004 is really the worst year in my life..
i dun want to remember any single things had happened in this horrible years..
flash back..
early of the year.. i was greaving after that stupid moron, fariz fucker (well, seems to me he's celebrating his 1 year relationship with that bitch this month, hepi anniversary dudes!)
then i lost my frenship with amar.. (for a long while i guess..)
then i started to have my wild life..
fooling around..
start to ruin myself with cigar n drinks..
then i get fucked n get preganant..
then get married..
then damaging my ten years frenship wif my fren.. used to be a best fren perhaps..
get my study ruined..
n lastly, lost rm3000 for my stupidity...
i hope it's enuff for this year..
n now i'm counting down my day to deliver this innocent lil baby..
i hope n i pray..
when this lil boy meet the world..
he would bring such a good luck n happiness to our life...
n may 2005 bring back all those happiness that i had miss so much..
n to my beloved husband..
i love u so much..
body n soul..
i dunno how i can make it tru this without u my love..
i love u.. i love u..
n i always do..

Friday, October 22, 2004

at the com lab..
i woke up eraly tho i slept at 2am n woke at five to sahur..
the i woke up again at 8:20am.. i called sya, nak tumpang gi fak..
n she sed she gona go at 9:30 n i continue my sleep tho i already mandi n bersiap2..
sedar2 dah 9:45..
i send my thesis at my departmen.. n i went to pejabat dekan to give my letter nak cuti satu sem.. skali org kat ofis tuh yg muke cam beruk, main campak jek surat aku ntah memane.. celake tul.. there! aku dah mencarut pepagi.. aku punye laa buat muke baik, baik ati sabar jek tunggu.. dah takde org nak melayan kat depan kaunter tuh.. staf2 kat pejabat dekan tuh memang celake ar.. tak frenly langsung.. kalo surat aku tak lulus.. nanti dr.jai tak dapat aku nyer surat.. memang makcik tak sedar diri tuh nak kene maki ngan aku ar..
well.. pepagi dah mencarut..
aku nak study.. but i'm not in the mood of study..
last nite, i can't sleep..
n i sorprise myself, i woke up n study..
ade laa gak hasil nye..
gotta leave..

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

dem bored..
open my frenster.. n view sum other ppl pages.. including tasya..
she's one hot chick.. like to partying n luv music n dancing alot..
remind me of i use to be before.. partying around.. smoking cigar n sisha..
kinda cool rite.. huum.. my hepi times..
becoz of wanna be cool n hot..
here i am.. pregnant n phsycologily sick...
it's midnite now.. i better leave..
wer my husband? hey.. i dun sleep wif u for 3 days now.. wer r u at now?
i want my nafkah batin! heeeeeeeeeeee.....

tired maa

fucking tired..
last nite i slept at 4:30 in the morning.. doing prep for my final presentation..
n sooo glad coz it's over now.. the presentation going smoothly though at the end wen the lecturers asking lotsa questions n i jez like kerang busuk.. dem.. i dun even can't remember wat i have done wif the project.. erghhhh...
miss my hubby so much.. today is really lazy sleepy day... i'm tired but not that hungry.. gota go..

Monday, October 11, 2004

fucking sick..

i'm tired.. sick of the bullshits.. tak abis2 lagi..
fuck it!
last nite i met imi n mjol..
that couple.. at first i reluctant to met them..
n then my husband as always jez said to me that he jez wanna show of to them how much we luv each other n how happy our life now..
n that gal imi kinda shock when see me free hair n jez wearing a tanktop n jacket..
then me n my hubby get two new clothes for me n change the clothes right away..
n then we met again that couple at delifrance...
well, the conversation went smoothly...
but i know what kind of gal that imi could be..
she's never like me since skool..
so last nite.. i dun know if our conversation was sincere or not..
i think everybody was being hipocrit.. acting nice to each other, but deep inside..
u hate each other..
well.. that's the way women do..
i'm happy with my life now..
me n my husband are so deep in luv..
soooo in luv..
i miss him every single minutes..
n my life is alil bit in peace.. even thouh there still lotsa things need to be think of..
yg penting..
i'm happy..
pa... luv u so much..
n damn.. i've got paper tomorrow n the next day..
i'll be dead meat.. huhuuuu..
wish me luck!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

go n fuck urself!

those bullshits will never end rite!
i dun know how many version of the stories have spread out..
fuck it! i dun give a damn..
nana n mc shah met behind my back.. n ere we goes one other person..
who has thinking.. 'OMG, i have changed.. i have changed to a bitch..'
hello.. hey.. that's me.. i dun think i have changed that much.. i have been being a bitch for my entire life? dun u know that? and.. of coz.. the blame of coz on me..
n hello once again.. i dun mean to kutuk my own husband.. but.. i wonder wut happen to him..? did i the one who tergile-gile at him..? hello people.. he's the one who keep running after me.. he's the one he begging me to be wif him.. once again i repeat.. he's the one who BEGGING me..
n u dun have any fucking idea wut kind of life i have been tru..
n besides.. ade ke penah aku ganggu idup korang? penah ke? excuse me, penah ke?
ha ungkit la.. time ni la aku nak kasik can korang mengungkit..
well i dun have time to think wut ppl think bout me..
still got lotsa more important things in my mind..
jez go head.. u can hate.. u can bullshit.. i dun care my dear..
i've got my own life.. so do urs.. n i'm not dying if u r werent there for me..
all i need now.. is jez the one n only husband i have..
n listen to me ppl.. i dun care how bad he is.. how gud he is.. i luv him.. for the who he is.. n i beg u ppl.. ppl who hating me.. jez go away..
u dun make my life easier.. u jez make me more mad n more bitchess...
n to save ur ass, jez go away.. before i ruin ur life.. like i ruin the life of the stupid bitch before.. she deserve that, becoz she's the one who boil up my range..
so.. remember that..
i can be so kind.. really kind.. n luv to ppl who love me.. but dun mess with me..
u dun have any fucking idea who i am.. my life is already hard.. n dun make it harder, biatch! or i'll put that fucking pain in ur ass!


huum... a bit relief... dah lame tak mencarut..
aku dah bosan gile.. tak abis2 lagi citer.. mampos la..
baru jek idup aku aman sket..
pastuh timbul balik citer busuk tuh..
ok end of the story..

today i'm gonna watch my hubby kicking ass in soccer match at bukit jalil wif his team.. ocean eleven.. can't wait to meet my fellas there.. cat, ija, ros n so on.. they r a bunch of older women.. but i dun mind.. even they're far older than me.. but they're so open.. really care to talk, chat n gossip wif me.. i luv those ppl.. besides, they r multi races.. ther r chinese, indian n of coz malay.. penah one time the whole of us going clubbing at hotel mutiara.. sangat best.. lagi2 kitarang multi races.. menarik kan..
oklaa.. dah lapar tahap cipan..
pa, i luv u!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


today's my husband's befday..
but nothing really special today..
kesian kat my hubby..
btw, he's working today n this evening he got football match..
n me having a gud time wif me old fellas..
wan rose, mardhati, pijah n sya..
we used so close to each other back in our matriculation days..
it's so chill to have em back ere..
n i also have a long chat with amar last 2 days..
well.. feel so happy to have frens who still care n happy for u..
n today n tomorrow, the convocation days..
n a few of frens graduate.. including mardhati, zie, amar n ramzi..
hey, congratulations u guys..
bile laa aku nak grad..
lagi due tahun..
lame siut...

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Smart man +smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man +dumb woman = pregnancy


Smart boss +smart employee = profit
Smart boss + dumb employee = production
Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime


A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she
doesn't need.


A woman worries about the future until she gets
a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets
a wife.

A successful man is one who makes more money
than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a


To be happy with a man, you must understand
him a lot and love him a little.
To be happy with a woman, you must love her a
lot and not try to understand her at all.


Married men live longer than single men do, but
married men are a lot more willing to die.


A woman marries a man expecting he will
change, but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won't
change, and she does.


A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning of
a new argument.


Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings,
poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling
me, "You're next." They stopped after I started
doing the same thing to them at funerals.


bodoh punye pc..

my pendrive tak leh nak connect..
tak gune nyer cc..
maleh dah aku nak tuleh balik ape yg aku nak tuleh..
my hubby is ere..
jez chill.. takleh buatpe2 melainkan lepak jek..
i want do more that dat..
i want it... i want it..
sounds gersang rite.. hey, it's been 2 days i ain't with him.. of coz i want him badly.. ngeeehehheheheheh..

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

my husband sleeping at my room..

when i read my blog back..
aku baru teringat ari jumaat ari tuh aku sludup husband aku tido kat hostel..
n guess wut.. mission accomplish..
rase cam kejap jek mlm tuh..
aku pakat ngan budak blog aku.. special thanx to u guys..
walaupun name diarang aku pun tak ingat.. tapi diarang sporting gile..
husband aku pakai tudung n jez step in dlm hostel macam tuh jek.. weekn katakan..
org pun takde..
n next morning.. he's leaving round 7:30..
n i get horny for the whole day when i remember wut i have done with him previous nite.. heheheh..

thesis,robotics,n examz... shiiiitttt!!!

well.. struggling huh..
study.. money.. life... argh..
wut i'm gonna do? tak tau laa..
got lost.. coz can't do anything..
i'm still lazy like a pig.. even only two weeeks left for final..
ok chill...
last weekn.. urmm aku buat ape erk?
bermalas2 kat umah jek..
my husband went to work.. i continue tido.. then he's home.. we have lunch... have ***..n tido.. bangun makan lagi.. have ***.. n blah balik umah maktok.. memang takde hasil langsung..
aku memang semangat gile nak study..
but when the study time come... aku rase malas..
hell... i need a motivation..
plss.. somebody help me...
my self-motivation is fucking low...

Friday, September 17, 2004

it's the nite..

mu hubby will sleep at my room..
actually me myself a lil bit scared.. wut happen if kantoi.. adoi..
but he's already ere.. it's must be so great if we can sleep togather at my room...
oo my.. i luv u so much..

Thursday, September 16, 2004

get relief

a lil bit relief perhaps..
new blogskins.. i do it myself..
n also got a new speaker from sonicgear for a really cheap price..
today is a waste but i enjoy it..
got msg from my old fella, chuck..
thanx dude for drop by..
my hubby ain't coming.. it's ok, i get a lil bit busying myself..
by watching stoopid muvis, change my blog layout n prepare for my presentation tomorrow..
well.. tomorrow, i wanna ask my hubby to sleep wif me at my room..
i'm gonna take the risk..
it's must be really thrill..
but, kalo kantoi taktaula..

here's a pic of pregnant tummy..

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

ooo my...

i'm not in the mood of writing actually...
bad i feel i lil bit sick... got a head ache..last nite i sleep over at umah maktuk again.. mak n ayah r leaving this morning.. n i reaturn to ukm as always..
got lotsa things to do.. but.. as always.. i'm soo fucking lazy.. my God..
when i gonna change huh.. dem..
i try to drop subject measurement n instrumentation.. think that i gonna fail that paper.. but i can't.. arghhh!!!
pening!! pening!!
i wanna chill out, having a good time.. release the pressures perhaps.. wanna go swimmging with sya, but i forgot to borrow the swimming suit from my sis in law..
nak tgk wayang.. tatau nak ajak sape..
erm.. wutta boring life..
got a class..

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


i feel like crying rite now..
so depressing..
i'm sooo trouble... a trouble maker perhaps... jez like my dad, where i used to lose my respect to my own dad becoz he's gonna make any trouble wherever he is n whoever he being with..
n me.. i inherited all the bad sides he have...
i wanna change... change my life.. i dun wanna be in any trouble anymore... i'm soo sick of it..
but i jez can't figure any way out.. help me.. pls... somebody help me..
i really need help..
God.. help me..
i'm so useless...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

a sigh...

Today I’m scanning my baby for second time.. I was waiting for my turn damn long.. dah lah last nite I can’t sleep well.. n last nite I cry again.. I feel annoyed by my husband coz he dun wanna accompany me today.. n after a few tear drops.. He’s willing to send me back n go with me to scan the baby..
N my baby..
Guess what, the baby is a boy… yeahahahaha.. thank God.. thanx so much.. n he’s so active kicking around n even doing summersault, n sitting like driving a car..
I’m sooo glad… n worried…
Last nite I cry.. n cry all over again..
Lately I’ve been under deep depress.. n cries a lot.. last I was worried bout my study..
My thesis is out of nowhere.. n then all the projects n hw given by dr.azmi.. I ain’t do it yet.. I never attend en.hanif class.. huuumm… I am so… sooo depress n tension..
I told my husband.. but.. I dunno.. his words doesn’t strong enuf to make me comfort..
At last, my myself sooth my depression..
Hey gal! damn everything.. jez be strong.. u r strong rite?! So stay strong baby.. u r a tough gal.. u can face it alone.. even no one can’t understand it.. but u always understand urself, rite?! So jez do it.. u can baby.. u always can..

I think I dun mind if I jez fail all those paper.. coz I’m gonna extend my study for 2 sems.. n I still got lotsa times.. n I hopes, when I deliver the baby, I can concentrate more into what I’m gonna do with my life..

For the time being..
I am soo emotional.. so sensitive.. sangat ikut prasaan.. n can get tired easily.. I can’t slee well at nit, but I can sleep like a baby during day time.. n think it’s all becoz I’m pregnant..
becoz I think I can’t keep things straight.. even though I try to give lotsa efforts bout em.. but I still fail to do what is should do.. becoz I am soo tired.. n so lazy.. I am lazy.. becoz I don’t wanna read sumthing I can’t understand.. like my thesis n the robot stuff like the one I’m doing now..
I think I need to meet a psychotherapist or any one who can.. who can give some nice n great advices.. to gain more confidences n motivations.. seriously.. I really need that..
God help me..

Nolie jez came n visit me.. I’m a lil bit glad she’s coming.. have some chat with her bout her wedding n my baby.. well, I’m still lucky rite.. to have some frens who still concern bout me..

Well, one of the reason why I feel sad last nite coz last weekn I have a really great times.. on Saturday went to my hubby’s aunt at rawang, chilling wif my in laws family.. so chill n cool.. n then Sunday, fooling around wif my hubby at BB.. dah lame tak kuar berpoyo-poyo wif my husband.. doing hot stuff at a hot place.. hehe.. n then on merdeka when to klcc with my in law, kak ayu n abg nazri n faiq.. boozing around, chilling n eating… cuci mate.. I really have a wonderful time..
N now.. at this moment.. I’m all alone, again.. missing my husband so much..
Well babe… can u see my changes of mood..? I can sweep away to any kind of mood in any second jez like that… at 1st I sad last nite, then I hepi becoz of the baby, then I worried coz of my studies.. n hepi again when nolie came n feeling down again bcoz missing all those great times I have before n missing my husband so much…
I hope my life is getting better.. better n better..

Friday, August 27, 2004

my day...

today a lil bit sangap..
got presentation this morning and i'm doing quit well.. even me was suprisedby myself.. wuhuuu..
after that, i have to wait dat fucking bus 4 an hour...
have lunch n 1st i wanna meet my supervisor.. tapi bile dah tido cam nak mampos.. maleh aku nak bangun.. arghhh..
ari ni memang takde hasil.. dah laa tak leh balik tido ngan hubby aku ..
my hubby... i'm fucking miss him alot!!

while waiting that stooopidfucking bus.. huh

Thursday, August 26, 2004

my hubby is coming.. yeah..

today is thursday.. n tonite is friday nite..
waiting for my hubby to fetch me...

ring the bell..

when i view my blog.. huumm.. it's a bit bored rite?
it's like no one gonna read it.. haa..
well i'm expecting a few of my frenz..
matbe becoz i rarely updating it so ppl jez dun wanna read anymore..
btw, i write here not becoz i wanna people read it..
i jez fill my mind on the block..
now i'm a lil bit worried bout my thesis..
n.. my life..
bile laa life aku nak stabil..
i miss my husband alot..
he send me an sms this morning.. saying that usually he will hug me n kiss me 1st before get his moerning bath.. but today i'm not with him to hug him..
huuuuu... i want my hubby badly..
a bit tired now.. better leaving for demo the robots now..
love u honey..

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

my liFe..

my life..
haa tunggang langgang sket..
banyak bende nak kene setel.. tapi tak setel2 lagi coz aku malas nak membace..
suppose to pegi jumpe dr.. check my health last two weeks..
ingat nak pegi ari ni..tapi tak pegi2 gak.. malas laaa..
grasp tak buat gi..
thesis langsung tak start gi..
penin2.. this week dah 10th week of semester dah..
lagi 1 month nak exam.. mati aku..
perut dah buncit..
jeans aku dah mule tak bleh nak pakai.. sedih tul..
aku tade sluar lain dah nak pakai..
hipster langsung tak beli2 gi..
next week buat ultrasound...
dah bleh tau baby boy or gal.. yeah...
skarang nak duduk pun kene duduk macam org yg kekenyangan..
sebab perut besar, kalo tak mesti rase.. bahase baku panggil ape ar?
kalo klantan panggil so'oh..

Friday, August 13, 2004

Nama Di Sebalik Ahli - Ahli Muzik

i found this from from a gal named ladieyfa.. sorry i'm copying this from ur blog...

. Kumpulan Rock yang telah mengerjakan Haji.

2. Penyanyi yang sering fail dalam karangan..sebab guna noktah kat depan ayat... TITEK PUSPA

3. Penyanyi yang paling demand...

4. Kumpulan yang berasal dari Bukit Gasing

5. Penyanyi yang paling berat dalam sejarah
ABOT (dalam bahasa jawa bermaksud berat)

6. Kumpulan Orang Asli Paling Berjaya
O.A.G (Orang Asli Gombak)

7. Kumpulan yang paling murah menerima bayaran..
SCOIN (pakai syiling jer)

8. Kumpulan Nasyid yang terdiri dari orang jawa

9. Kumpulan Rock yang Paling wangi
MAY (Sabun)

10. Kumpulan Rock Paling Bahaya

11. Kumpulan Rock Yg Terdiri dari Bomoh Professional

12. Kumpulan Rock yang takut mandi pagi

13. Kumpulan Rock yang selalu kena migrain

14. Kumpulan yang telah mengkormersialkan Roti Benggali Pedas

15. Kumpulan yang mudah berpecah

16. Kumpulan Rock yang makan nasi pakai tangan kiri

17. Kumpulan yang ada power
KEMBARA (sebab ader DVVT)

18. Kumpulan yang terdiri dari pesawah

19. Kumpulan yang paling popular di pagi raya
TOO PHAT (Ketupat)

20. Penyanyi kesukaan David Beckam
SITI SARAH (Sarah Marbeck)

21. Penyanyi yang sentiasa tua

22. Kumpulan yang kejap cantik kejap hodoh...

23. Kumpulan yang takleh nyanyi kat Europe

25. Kumpulan yang boleh lihat tapi tak leh pegang

26. Penyanyi yang tak pernah kena speed trapppp..

27. Penyanyi yang sentiasa mendapat tajaan walaupun dah mati

28. Kumpulan yang sentiasa menyambut 'HARI GURU'

29. Kumpulan yang susah nak sakit

30. Kumpulan yang berkerjaya tapi pendek umur..

31. Kumpulan yang buat show kat everest

32. Kumpulan yang kena samak apabila di sentuh

33. Penyanyi yang paling bengap walaupun dah kaya

34. Kumpulan yang paling di hormati

35. Kumpulan yang memperkenalkan Roti Boy di Midvalley

36. Kumpulan nasyid yang menggunakan paling popular di jalanraya.
HIJJAZ ( Honda Jazz tuh...)

37. Kumpulan yang tak akan buat show pada bulan lain kecuali bulan 9..

38. Kumpulan Paling berani..

39. Kumpulan yang selalu gi konvoi..
XPDC (Ekspedisi)

40. Kumpulan yang suka makan Chicken Wings kat KFC..
KUMPULAN ABU SAYYAF.....kueng...kueng...kueng...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Part 1: Basics
1. NICKNAME/PETNAME - ma (my hubby call me that)
2. SEX - gal
3. BIRTHDATE - 11th feb
6. SHOE SIZE - 3 or 4
7. FIRST CRUSH - mohd ehsan helmi @ form 1
8. RIGHTY OR LEFTY - righty
11. EVER BEEN IN LOVE - yup & still ...
12. PUPPY LOVE - to simplify me..
13. HAVE A TATTOO - nope
14. CRUSH - lotsss...

Part 2: Foods
chocolate milk shake
3. COKE OR PEPSI - teh O ais limau
5. BLACK or WHITE - white..
8. CAKE OR PIE - cake

Part 3: Pick one
LOVER - both..
2. CATS OR DOGS - catz
3. 1 PILLOW OR 2 - none.. jez sleep on my husband arm.. heeeee..
4. W/ OR W/O ICE CUBES - both
5. TOP OR BOTTOM - me? of coz laa bottom.. tak yah keje kuat..
SWING - ikut mood
10. NIGHT OR DAY - nite~!!
11. GLOVES OR MITTENS - huh?? ape tuh?
12. DRESSED OR UNDRESSED - bogel.. huwaawawwaaa
13. BUNK OR WATER BED - tido atas tilam jek.. katil pun tade..
14. MAKE PLANS OR GO ALONG - kite hanya mampu merancang tapi Tuhan yg menentukan..
15. TRUTH OR DARE - both!
16. MTV OR VH1 - mtv ..
17. OCEAN OR POOL - due2 best!
18. SHOWERS OR BATHS- mane2 jek.. janji leh romen.. huwawaaawawaw
19. LOVE OR LUST - both!
20. SILVER OR GOLD - platinum
21. DIAMONDS OR PEARLS - diamond
22. PENCIL OR PEN - pen itam dakwat basah.. heh..
24. BLIND OR DEAF - due2 tanak.. tapi better deaf ar, sebab nanti kalo romen still lagi leh tgk.. muaahahahaha..

Part 4: Favorites
1. COLOR - blue n white
2. NUMBER - 7
3. SUBJECT - pendidikan jasmani dan seni lukis
4. SHOE BRAND - selipar jepun
6. DRINK- tea O ais limau
7. ANIMAL - catz
8. HOLIDAY - lepak ngan hubby.. tak kire memane jek..
11. MOVIE - urm.. pirates of carebbian..
12. CHILL PLACE - bilik tido..
13. FLOWER - rose
14. PERFUME - white mask

Part 5: Future
1. HOW MANY KIDS - 3 kot
2. COLLEGE - national university of malaysia
3. JOB - tatau.. mak andam kot.. hehehhe
LIKE - like my hubby..
4b. HOW DOES S/HE ACT - like him..

Part 6: Would you?
1. MOVE ANYWHERE - yup.. depends on hubby
2. DYE YOUR HAIR - nuh..


my hubby demam..
i'm crying alot coz i'm missing him like hell!!!
dah due ari tak jumpe hubby aku..
damn, i suffer coz i wanna meet him.. i long for him..

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

at last!!

aduih.. ponat den...
banyak bende tak setel lagi..
but, i'm a lil bit relief coz my big day is already over..
but skarang tgh pening ngan thesis n bla..bla..blaa...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

getting married.. again..

actually i'm getting excited to get married again..
huhuuu.. my wedding...
i never dream of it before.. how the way it could be at my kenduri..
even now i jez can't imagine how..
i jez hope everything is going to be smooth n fine..
hope so..
n now i'm soo tired..
last nite i met eddy wif my hubby..
i dunno y, but i feel sorry for him..
i love my hubby so much..
ssmmmooocccchsssszzz... mmuaaaxxxxhhh!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

teknik rebonding

I don’t feel ok again.. last nite I spent time with my husband.. I luv him so much.. humm.. n now I’m already miss him like hell… huuuuuuuuuuuu……

Yesterday, I went to saloon, straightening my hair.. tapi tak lawa sangat laa.. akak yg slalu buat aku nyer rambut tuh dah quit.. bapuk name janet yg buat, die buat keje cam malas2 jek.. hampeh.. skarang aku tgh tunggu turn nak mandi.. cam sial ar kolej ni, dah dekat 2 buklan air takde.. takgune tul.. nak mandi basuh baju pun leceh.. kene tunggu turn.. dah laa kene mandi wajib.. smlm romen.. arggghhh.. tension. Macam nie laa rase, kalo mandi wajib2 lambat2.. serabut.. mesti rase tak best coz dah termiss smayang brape waktu dah.. urrgghhh… I feel depresss.. where’s my sugar.. I want him.. I want him…

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

it's my life...

U can lie to other people.. but u jez cannot lie to urself..
I try to tell the whole world that I’m ok.. my life is great.. I’m getting better..
But what the lies beneath.. that I’m suffering so much..
I love my husband so much.. but each day.. I find more more n more things in him that I hate.. sometimes I lose my respect to him.. I jez can’t help myself.. I don’t know.. I can’t help it..!
I jez meet him a few minutes ago.. we have a lil missunderstood n end up both of us crying..I have said something that hurt him.. I know he has sacrifice lotsa things to make me happy.. he’s working like crazy.. giving up his football stuff even though I know football is his life.. but he’s willing to give up everything jez for me.. but I can’t sacrifice everything for us like the way he do.. why? I don’t know.. maybe I’m still selfish n stubborn jez like before.. he said to me, his life is happier after we get married.. but to me, my life is getting worst after I marry him.. the baby, my final year study, money, friends n everything.. everything is getting out of my way.. I can’t see my future.. even my near future..
it doesn’t mean I’m giving up.. but I’m jez lose my grip a lil bit.. what he’s doing is not enough to me.. I’m still suffering.. it doesn’t make me happier.. it’s jez make me more suffer.. I try to say this to him.. but I know, what I’m trying to say is jez make him hurt more n more.. I’ve got more egos than him.. I don’t wanna people look at me as a loser.. I want people look at me as a strong person.. even deep down in me, I’m soo weak..
I don’t like the way he speak.. when he comes up with any idea, he gets so excited.. than.. later, all the things he said is out of nowhere.. that’s what makes me.. urm.. u know.. sorry I jez can’t say the words..
he still thinking n acting like a lil boy.. sorry I’m saying this my dear.. n jez now, his big sis jez return from Bangkok n she had said lotsa things n give him lotsa advices.. she said something about the baby, that how we gonna keep the baby.. who gonna take care the baby when both of us go to our classes.. n lots.. lotsa things.. then he feel a lil bit insecure, n then said that ‘betul jugak ape yg akak die cakap’.. my God! How dare he’s saying that! Becoz he’s the one who really want to keep the baby at the 1st place, n he’s the one who wanna get married at the 1st place.. don’t he think bout this before.. before he decided to keep this lovely baby.. I feel sooo retarded..
God help me!
n now.. I have decided.. whatever happen, whatever how fuck up my life would be, I don’t care how much I suffer, or how long I would be in misery.. I jez redha.. redha everything.. I give it up all my faith to God.. and I.. I promise myself.. I won’t regret anything that I have done, I won’t regret anything had happened to my life.. I will accept it as the way it could be.. promise..
n please God.. give Your blessing to us.. help us to find the right path.. please my God..
I’m begging You… Aaaamiinnnn….

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

takde air.. bongok laa..

Hampeh tul.. air takde.. leceh ar.. aku nak berak pun susah.. maleh nak tadah air..
Tadi pun mandi kat sinki dapur.. berkemban.. tapi best ar gak mandi berkemban skali skale.. skang nak terkencing lak.. adui..

I change my blog skin.. soo feminine rite.. I jez can't fine the good one.. this one is the best I could find for now.. saje jek nak tukar skin.. coz if u wanna start a new life, u better start from the beginning n change slowly, rite..
For now, I realize I started to talk seriously.. tak best gak slalu cakap bende2 serius.. cakap bende2 ngarut skali skale best gak.. tapi sangap ar skang.. takde membe nak cakap bende2 ngarut..

Tadi gi buat kad jemputan.. lambat gile buat.. nyesal aku tak buat awal2..
Dah laa bapak mahal lak tuh.. membazir jek.. sib baik kawin skali sumur idup jek..
Kalo tak bankrap sebab buat kad kawin jek.. dah laa kecik seciput lak tuh..
Takpelaa.. janji ade.. kire ok ar..

Sok nak gi buat teknik rebonding.. yeayea.. nanti aku nampak cantek..
Heheh.. best.. best.. zetty yg cantek.. muahahahaahaha….
Huh, kalo bukan aku nak puji diri sdiri sape gi nak puji.. laki aku memang ar ari2 cakap aku cun.. aku dah lali ar.. tapi takpe.. as long as die stay rase aku cun, bagus laa..
Oklaa weh.. tak tahan.. nak gi berak.. urgghhhh…

Monday, July 26, 2004

It's been awhile rite..
Last Saturday I met ain.. we haven't seen each other so many years..
I'm damn glad to see u again kiddo..
Reminisce our old time together.. huhu.. so fun n sweet to remember..
N it's really nice of u to offer such helps..
millionzz of thanx from me n my lil family.. 4 everything..

My life's getting better now..
Sugar working like crazy..
U dun have to work that hard luv..
Pls dun push urself.. I'm worried so much..
N my baby boo's getting bigger.. it's almost 14 weeks now..
I heard a bad news today, my sister-in-law miscarriage..
So sorry 4 her.. mesti rase sedih gile kan.. 1st baby dah miscarriage..
I hope my baby won't leave me b4 he's born.. n my ummi dun have to worry so much coz she's still have another grand kid, my baby boo.. luv u baby..

I miss my sugah so much.. 4 three days berkepit ngan die, tetibe ari ni langsung tak dapat tgk muke die.. make me a lil bit suffer.. n I'm crying a lot coz missing him so much..
Can't wait to be with him again.. huuuuuuuu… I want my hubby.. gimme my hubby… I want him.. I want… I want..

There's lotsa things need to settle that cause lotsa money..
1. transfer money to ummi
2. call my supervisor, Dr.Nik
3. tempah kad kahwin (kajang) - rm100
4. collect Mykad (kajang) - rm100
5. go to hair saloon - rm130
6. top up - rm30

hoping my life will get better, better n better..
not only my life, but also my whole family will always in great wonderful life.. insyAllah..
n I wanna change slowly to be a better person..
someone that more matured, more kindhearted, more hardworking n more doing good deeds..
I used to be lazy like a pig, stupid like a cow, n slut like bitch..
muwhahahahhahaha… hikhik
I dun wanna be like that anymore..
God help me..

Thursday, July 01, 2004

wutta life!!!

getting a bit bz wif my life.. tapi nothing's has been settle lately.. n now i jez wasting my time at lab.. waiting for the next class at 2pm.. hohuuuuu.. malasnyer.. n tonite kene spending nite kat umah maktuk.. biaselaa malam jumaat.. malam mesti romen..heheheheh.. i am fucking lazy now.. kalo bleh nak lepak2 jek memanjang n catch a muvi ke.. kemas bilik yg macam tongkang yg bukan setakat pecah,tapi hancuss.. malam ni ma hubby nak jumpe his ex.. mc ngoh.. nak antar pc that gal yg my hubby pakai mase cuti ari tuh.. hubby?
erm.. i am married now.. no kidding..
aku kawin lari kat Pattani..
memang gile.. tapi serously thrill..
nak buat camner.. our parents nak amuk ke, amuk laa..
kitarang dah slamat kawin..
gile kan..
aku pun tak ready gi nak jadik bini org..
dah ade org yg willing nak spend the rest of his life ngan aku..
well,that's good for me.. mane nak carik org yg truly madly in luv ngan kite,pastuh kawin lak ngan kite..
huh,ingat senang ke..
for the time being..
aku memang bahagia tak ingat..
bahagia tahap cipan ke lapan..
tapi sampai bile..?
that's the God's job..
jez pray for me k..
that i'm gonna live happily ever n after..
jez like shrek n princess fiona..
they'r ugly..but they luv each other for who they are..
jez like us..ops not really.. coz we'r beautiful n luv each other..
i luv u pa!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

got the biggest problem in my life...the biggest mistake that perhaps i will regret in my whole life...
i lose my grip to my faith.. i jez dunno wut i'm gonna do next in my life..
it's bout a life n death..n our punishment..should i keep it or jez leave it..?
wish there's sumbody could help me to figure this mess out..
i'm scared to death..
wutever luv will be by my side...always..
i wish i could stand the pressure.. for another 2 or 3 years ahead..
my God,help me..

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

it's all about maki memaki.. that gal is really a bitch..always like to bitching around..tapi kalo org cakap die bitch,marah..huh..
aku demoralise gile..2 3 ari nih asik penat jek..tak abis2 lagi ngemas bilik..
final year nih..subjects susah siut..huhu..
maleh aku nak blajo..kawin lagi best...jom kawin...hehe

Monday, June 21, 2004

bangang ar minah tuh..stakat drinks pun nak berkire cam nak die tuh bagus sangat..nantilaa..aku kasik duit kat ude,suh kasik kat ko pastuh ko kasik laaa duit tuh kat akak kesayangan ko erk..celake..asal,fobia jumpe aku ke? aku tak kesah,nak kate aku tade manner ke,nak kate aku cam bagus ke,nak kate kemut ke,busuk ke..suke ati ko laa pompuan..aku tade perasaan ape2 pun bile jumpe korang pasangan bahagia..nie mesti ude kene maki ngan pompuan tuh..huh..slamat berbahagia laa ko ude..aku tgk ko bahagie jek ngan pompuan tuh..sampai slalu jek kene maki2..mak kesayangan ko pun bleh die kutuk2 dengan bagusnye..
aku pun bahagie,tgk ko BAHAGIA...ha..ha...ha...
aku memang bahagie..sebab aku dapat carik balak yg lagi best dr ko..lagilaa aku bahagia tak terkate..Tuhan saje yg tahu...heeeee...
huh,cam sial..

dah lame aku tak maki org.. best gak maki org kekadang..patutlaa pompuan tuh suke maki2..
best rupe nyer maki2 nih..tapelaa..tak baik maki2 nih.. org nak maki aku..maki laa sayang ooi.. asalkan korang bahagie..
oklaa..nak gi ngemas bilik...

Friday, June 04, 2004

arghh... malasnyer nak tulih blog.. nothing interestng..
melepak wif my sugar.. chilling..

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Penis Requests a Raise

i found this 1 frm judd's fren.. fucking funny..

Penis Requests a Raise
I, the penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons:

I do physical hard labor
I work at great depths
I plunge head first into everything I do
I do not get off days or public holidays
I am on 24hrs standby / 365days
I work in a damp environment with occasional foul smell
I don't get paid overtime
I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation
I need to work in various environment conditions and temperatures
My work exposes me to contagious diseases which carries a very high risk of death

Dear Penis,

After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons:

You do not work 8 hours straight
You fall asleep on the job after brief work period
You do not always follow the orders of the management team
You do not stay faithful in your allocated workplace, and often visit other areas
You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working
You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift
You don't always observe necessary safety regulations, such as wearing the correct protective clothing
You'll retire well before reaching 65
You're unable to work double shifts
You sometimes leave before you have completed the day's work.
And if that were not all, you have been seen constantly entering and leaving the workplace carrying 2 suspicious looking bags

The Management

last nite hang out wif sugah's fellas.. seman,yang,john, sam n his bro.. having shisha.. get a lil bit dizzy.. huhuuu...
kantoi ngan sam.. 1st time hang out ngan die baik jek.. pakai tudung..
but last nite, wearing the shortest pant i have, smoke cigar n shisha.. wutta spoil.. huhu,bitch.. who cares..rite?!
luv sugah!! missing him lots..
can't wait to watch SHREK 2..
but my sugah keeping bz..
n tonite Black Eyed Peas will shaking up at Bukit Kiara.. i wish i could be there 2nite.. actually Wan will be bonzering at the concert..hope he will guarding at entrance.. hope soo... nanti bleh masuk free.. yeyeah..
[my name is]: violet
[in the morning i wuz]: sleepy
[all i need now is]: shaking my bon bon wif a hot guy
[love is]: urm.. unpredictable
[i'm afraid of]: God (Allah)
[i dream about]: me

** series one - you
-- First Name : zz
-- Birth time: 11:30am Feb 11 1982
-- Birthplace: HBKB
-- Last place travelled: sumwer in Pangkor Island
-- Eye Color: light brown
-- Nail Color: plain
-- Height: 5' 0"
-- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

** series two - describe:
-- Your heritage: chinese dad and malay mom
-- The shoes you wore today: vincci
-- Your hair: long n wavy
-- Your weakness: hot stuff
-- Your perfect pizza: none..

** series three - what is:
-- Your most overused phrase: sial
-- Your thoughts first waking up: arghh...malasnyer nak gi kejer!!!
-- Your current worry: gpa & money
-- Your plans tomorrow: having a lunch at klcc..
-- Your best physical feature: boobs n butt
-- Your bedtime: oo:ooam

** series four - you prefer:
-- sunrise or sunset: sunset
-- gore or horror: horror
-- eastside or westside: eastside
-- stripes or polka dots: stripes
-- Planes or trains: planes
-- metal or hardcore: zapin
-- Boxers or briefs: boxers
-- Pools or hot tubs: pools

** series five - do you
-- Do you think you've been in love: yeah
-- Want to get married: yeah
-- Type w/ your fingers: of coz...stoopid
-- Like to take baths: hell yeah!
-- Get motion sickness: yeah
-- Like talking on the phone: lurve so much
-- Like thunderstorms: nope
-- Play an instrument: nope.
-- Workout: sumtimes
-- Like reading: yeah,sumtimes

** series six - favorite:
-- Body part:boobs
-- Kind of fruit: kiwi
-- Music to fall asleep to: inflatable by bush
-- Car: Honda E.K
-- Number: 7
-- Thing to do: dance,sing
-- Horror movie: gothika
-- Colors: blue + white
--Food: nasi ayam

**series eight - the future:
-- Age you hope to be married: minimum 23, max 28
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 5 is the maximum
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: urm.. ain't dreaming yet...
-- How do you want to die: peacefully besides my luv one..
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: being a gud wife..
-- What country would you most like to visit: japan

** series nine - opposite sex:
-- Best eye color: light brown
-- Best hair color: black
-- Best personality trait: hot,funny n kindhearted
-- Best height: tall,dark n lean..
-- Best weight: as long as he looks like he can protect me, that'll be ok
-- Best first date location: tatau laa..
-- Best first kiss location: in a spa.. huhu..

** series ten - finish:
-- I eat: dairy food..
-- I think: i need to go workout
-- I am: can be so nice n innocent but sumtimes can be a real bitch
-- I adore: puss in boot (shrek 2)
-- I suck at: keeping my own words
-- I am obsessed with: musics
-- I can: learn things quickly
-- I can't wait: to be wif sugah again..
-- I am annoyed with: sweet talkers n bitches
-- I miss: sugah!

Directions: Put X's next to the things you've NEVER done:
( ) been drunk
( ) smoked pot
( ) kissed a member of the opposite sex
( ) kissed a member of the same sex
(x) crashed a friend's car
(x) been to Japan
( ) ridden in a taxi
( ) been in love
(x) had sex in public
( ) been dumped
( ) shoplifted
(x) been fired
( ) been in a fist fight
(x) had a threesome
( ) snuck out of your parent's house
( ) been tied up (sexually)
(x) been tattooed
(x) been caught masturbating
(x) had sex with a member of the same sex
(x) been arrested
( ) made out with a stranger
( ) stole something from your job
(x) celebrated new years in Times Square
( ) gone on a blind date
( ) lied to a friend
( ) had a crush on a teacher
(x) been to Europe
( ) skipped school
(x) slept with a co-worker
(x) had sex at the office
(x) been married
(x) gotten divorced
(x) had children
(x) tried killing yourself
( ) cheated on a past girl/boyfriend
(x) had sex with your girl/boyfriend on the parents bed
( ) had sex within a month
( ) feel the love

Sunday, May 23, 2004

get dizzy!

i'm getting dizzy of that cigar.. ohooo... penin...penin.. pa, help me..
hari ni buat pe ar? bagun pagi siut.. gi breakfast,then sambung tido, then.. gi OU.. play cards at Sn.Francisco Cff.. then fetch suga's sista at KLIA.. then ere i am.. still penin2 lalat.. tatau nak ilang kan pening ni camner.. huhuuuu...
i wanna write sumthin interesting like all those cool fellas out there.. tp cam everytime i'm online.. mesti sangap tade idea..
i'm goin crazy.. mad.. @@$*&^(+_*)!@#$%^&*()_+|
paaa.... help me...

Thursday, May 20, 2004

tak tahan lagi.. waaarghhhahahaha...

tak tau dah nak tulih pe kt blog...
bt the truth is.. im happy wif my life now.. weeehehehe...
biaselaa, tgh hot spicy lagi.. memang ar best..
td tgk omar main bola, best jugak layan tgk org main bola skali skale.. lg2 kalo kite kenal org tuh.. urm..
td buat kejer kt station.. kul 2 dah blah.. gi midvalley jap.. beli short..
pastuh, terus gi sunway.. lepak minum.. then.. here i am..
dah tatau nak gi mane dah.. duit aku 50bux burn camtuh jek.. celake..
serius membazir tahap tak ingat.. dah abis hundred bux sial!!! argh, tension!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

the day in depot

arghh... at depot rite now.. at Ami's table.. luckily there's internet ere.. kalo tak mati aku sangap..
i have to meet my lecturer, dunno wich lecturer will coming over..
smlm aku tungkus lumus siapkan aku nyer log book.. end up tido kul 3:30 pg.. tak penah gi aku tido kul 3:30pg sebab siapkan report...
nyesal siut aku tak buat awal2...
tp yg pastinyer aku leh balik umah awal.. tp sugar balik kg, kene rush antar keter balik.. huum..
i'm broke rite now..
n yesterday, i broke to my big brotha's room, searching 4 sum money..
well, i didb't mean to stealing... i jez need sum money 4 my lunch..
but... suddenly, wut i found is a porn cd... hehehe..
actually normal laa kan org tgk porn.. but it's pretty funny coz the ppl who watch that is my big brotha n my sista in law.. y? bcoz they'r nerdy n shy ppl.. huumm... air yg tenang jgn disangke tiade buaye... rite....?

Sunday, May 16, 2004

wif my sugah.. jez watchin my no 1 soccer player kicking he ass beating Sepang Institute of Tech.. he's fucking gud in playing football.. n also good in.. heheh..
wut? dun think dirty erk..
this weekn, doing nothing.. 48hours berkepit wif my sugah.. huh, never get enuff of him.. yesterday pegi library,jadik budak nerd jap.. carik references nak buat drawing.. alaa, bukannye susah pun buat autocad.. mm,blagak siut..
missing my frens alot.. dah lame tak lepak ngan diarang..
got azam baru.. nanti 1 month kat umah nak work out.. nak jog, buat stomach exercise bebanyak.. perut dah buncit sial.. kasik flat sket, lawa siut.. jeles aku tgk perut n bontot kylie minouge.. pergh.. yommy giler!! bak kate balak aku.. arap2 azam baru nih menjadi ar kot..
hope soo..

Thursday, May 13, 2004

having a great day.. playing pool wif sugar.. huhu.. best.. best..
kene practice bebanyak lg.. miss sugah lots!!
mY LiFe aLpHaBeT..

A - aquarius; my zodiac

B - BITCH: Babe In Total Control Of Herself

C - cat; i lurvee catz..

D - dancing; lurve to shake bon-bon so much.. heeyaaah..

E - enjoying my life now.. weeehehehe..

F - flirt; used to flirt so much..

G - G-spot; dunno where the exact spot yet..

H - horny; sumtimes ppl get horny,rite..?

I - inflatable; fav song by bush..

J - jamban; i like clean jamban coz i'm gonna use it 10 to 20 times a day..

K - kelantan; my hometown

L - love; deeply in luv wif my sugah!

M - mat yie; my 7 years old younger brotha..

N - nOtHiNg LaSt fOrEvEr..

O - OMAR; my sugah!!

P - procrastinate; i'm professional procrastinator

Q - Q-ball; kinda jelly that i can find in my fav drinks at delimau nipis restaurant at bangi..

R - radio; hItZ.fM

S - sex.. urmmm,interesting..

T - Tudung, On and OFF..

U - ummi; the one n only beloved mum...

V - va-va voom chick!!

W - white; one of fav colour..

X - Xtreme choc, San Francisco Coffee; my fav smoothies..

Y - young n beautiful.. yeah..

Z - zetty; my name... ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


The sign Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Carrier.
Your sign's element is Air. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus.

You like time saving devices and enjoy reading. Aquarius is modern, progressive, diplomatic, and humanitarian. Independence and a feeling of freedom is necessary. Aquarius has a strong will, and is original, inventive, and will always enjoy doing the unexpected. Aquarius is also creative, scientific, quick, unconventional, friendly and enjoys groups of people or belonging to clubs. Aquarius is intellectual, faithful, and intuitive, with an ability to "see through people". You may lead a bohemian or hippie lifestyle.

Possible negative aspects of the sign Aquarius:
You can be self centered. Aquarius can be nervous and high strung, erratic, opinionated, impractical, and often a public charge.

Monday, May 10, 2004

*sighing again*...
actually i dun have to sigh.. but i jez wanna sigh.. weeeweweeewee...
i'm happy wif my life now..
got someone to luv by myside..
sum great + wonderful + lovely frens here wif me..
life is jez wonderful rite..?
i wanna live my life to the most zesty life could be..
(erk.. btul ke ayat aku nih? ;P kuhek!kuhek!..)

well.. still 3 weeks left i'm doin my job ere at Dang Wangi...
i'm so lazy to work maa... n this morning kene sound kat my supervisor coz i ain't finish yet the task that have given to me long time ago.. hikhik... urm.. tape laa, take it slow..

n 4 the 1st time in my life, i've joined a canoe tournament.. i represent my company wif my cute pal, Ami.. heheh.. best laa jugak..

Friday, May 07, 2004

feeling like cursing..

well, madly in luv wif my sugar.. he's fucking hot...
but i'm fucking worried of his ex.. coz his beautiful ex is my gorgeous bestfren..
feeling guilty like hell...

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

wif sugar...
my big brotha wed went pretty well...
i'm glad.. coz he's already settle down wif his love one..
hope my turn will be coming soon wif my beloved sugah.. heheh...

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


1.. Boxers or briefs: none of 'em.. pls dun wear anything... ;P
2.. Long or short hair: pretty long.. but if the hair is like a maggi, u better botak laa, lagi bagus..
3.. Dark or blonde hair: brunette
4.. Tall or short: taller laa... alaa, lagipun every guy is taller than me, rite..
5.. Six pack: six pack but skinny
6.. Muscular arms: Dont care la..
7.. Good or bad guy: Bad boyxxxss
8.. Hats or no hats: cap
9.. Ears pierced or not: either 1..
10.. Dimples: yeah, cute..
11.. Studly or cutie: erm..macho? bleh?
12.. Dark or light eyes: translucent..
13.. Fat or thin: skinny
14.. Jewellery or none: both
15.. Curly or straight hair: of coz straight, but mine is curl, so curly is acceptable laa..
16.. Freckles or none: none
17.. Indoor or outdoor: both
18.. Shy or outgoing: not too shy.. not so outgoing..

1.. Would you date someone just for her/his looks: yeah, maybe..
2.. Chocolate or white milk: both
3.. Mud or jelly: jelly-o
4.. Skiing or boarding : both
5.. Summer or winter: musim tengkujuh
8.. Cake or pie: cheese cake
9.. Silver or gold: platinum..
10.. Sunset or sunrise: both.. tp biase mase sunrise, air liur tgh meleleh lagi..
11.. Have you ever fractured/broken/sprained : Not yet..
13.. What's your favorite color: blue n white
14.. Do you hate anyone?: urm.. no comment..
15.. Who do you dream about: aaar? diri sendiri ar kot..
16.. Do u have a HUGE crush on someone right now?: urm.. ade kot..
17.. Who's the loudest friend: sape ar? tak dapat dikenal pasti..
18.. Who's the quietest friend: tak jumpe gi..
19.. Who do you tell your dreams to: yana..
20.. What shampoo and conditioner do you use: loreal..
21.. How many T.Vs in your house: 1
22.. Who's the last person you called: my sugar..
23.. Where do you want to get married: kat kampung laa..
24.. Favorite number: 777
25.. Favorite boys names: takde laa...
26.. Favourite girls names: zizie? zaza? zetty...? heheh..
27.. Have you ever gone skinny dipping: nah..
28.. Have you been in love?: huhu.. mesti laa..
29.. How many people are you sending this to?: no one..

i'm steal this stuff frm a gal..

gO fUcKeR..!!

i jez red the hell letter frm that fucker to his gal.. well... it's so damn sweet, fucker.. eheh.. n now, u r jez as stupid as me when i was with u b4.. i'm hepy 4 u.. n sorry, i jez can't stop myself calling u fucker.. so sorrylaa.. tak pe erk? alaa, i know u dun mind laa... hehe.. well, i hope u'll get along wif her as along as u could... n live happily ever n after.. weeehehehhehee....

it's fucking hurt when someone u luv, ditch u jez like that.. that's why laa i keep cursing him.. but now i can LOL.. y? bcoz.. ntah laa... jez fuck em all.. heheheh...
n i'v already got someone whe really luv n care 4 me.. n i'm luv him soo muach.. luv u sugah!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

sugar aint here..
n my bosses also ain't here..
but my dad is here..
dunno wut i'm gonna do now..
1. When is your birthday? feb 11th
2. What is the best gift you ever received on your birthday? 2 swatchs n a tommy's handbag frm my asshole ex
3. What schools have you attended? s.k.berangan, petra, kmpp n ukm
4. What can we find in your wardrobe? lotsa..lotsa stuffs..
5. What is the least likely that we can find in your wardrobe? solder iron
6. What can we find on your study table? pics frames
7. Favourite ice cream? xtreme choc
8. Favourite cartoon character? cardcapture sakura
9. Who is the hottest cartoon character? little lulu
10. Do you think you can win a million dollars on Survivor? no
12. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? looks
14. Do you think anyone in your class is hot? nah
15. Do you have a crush on someone in your class? nah
16. Who do you think is hot amongst your friends of your gender? yana
18. What movie made you cry? armageddon
19. Who makes you cry? anybody
20. Who makes you laugh? anybody
21. What would you save first if your house is burning? my henfon
22. Do you like animals? yeah
23. What would you name your children? hell..i dunno
24. Have you ever fallen for someone who was attached? always do..
24. Do you have a nickname? of coz la.. but its a secret maa.. malu ar.. hehe..
25. What do you think of homosexuals? erm.. interesting
26. What do you think of good looking and hot homosexuals? damn hot
27. How many times have you told someone you loved him/her? so manytimes ar..
28. Did u mean it when u said it? haa.. boleh laa
29. Which outlets do you do most of your shopping at? urm.. bb i think..
30. How do you spend your weekend nights? hang around..
31. Whats the most valuable thing that you have lost? my.. err.. wut ar..?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

fOr tHoSe mALaYs oUt tHeRe, wAtChOuT!!!


01. You MALAY call each other 'BODOH' for fun, and too
'BODOH' to realize it's an offensive word.
02. You're the LAZIEST person on God's earth
03. Always update with "lagu-lagu A-minor", "lagu-lagu
rindu" and "wayang hindustani".
04. Always give a very long honourable speech start from
Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Tan Sri, Puan Sri, YB-YB, Yang Berbahagia Datuk,
Datuk-Datuk, Datin-Datin, Tuan Haji, Tuan Pengerusi Majlis.. and last
sometime least...."rakyat jelata" sekalian......."terlebih dahulu saya
ingin membuka majlis dengan asalamualaikuwaramatulahiwabarakatu......"
05. Many Malay ended at "pusat pemulihan dadah" for common
drug abuse.
06. "Air sirap" is the cheapest drink you can afford.
07. You like to tease and act perverted when someone with
sexual appeal passing by.
08. You self proclaimed from a superior race (Arabs).
09. You love to eat, especially FREE FOOD.
10. Malay favourite quote = REZEKI JANGAN DI TOLAK.
11. Malay least favourite word = JANJIMELAYU.
12. Your girls got a mouthfull of chicken's ass
13. You can't stand it and always keep on staring at someone
who are better dressing / looking rather than your back-dated looks.
14. You wear your shirt more than 4 times before wash it.
15. You feel it's not right to eat first before everybody
gets their meal (while your meal is getting cold).
16. You got that annoying habit of wanting people to
acknowledge you.
17. You know for the fact that you are supersticious (bomohs
and dukuns).
18. You know for the fact that Malay jokes are decently lame
and you always force yourself to laugh when other malay joker telling
their lame jokes.
19. You always try to take advantage on other people work..
20. You are trained to be a sweet talker.
21. You love to offer drinks to your boss while polishing
his shoe.
22. You always pick on juniors.
23.You don't care if everyone in your class/office know for
the fact that you are lazy.
24. You are very protective on your seniority.
25. You are quite a slow thinker.
26. You prefer to borrow people's stuff rather than buy it,
but hardly return it back.
27. You also always use other's property without asking
28. Many of you are not sincere when making friend with
29. You always waste your time in the public phone talking
about "janji-janji manis", "omong- omong kosong", "aku hidup dalam
blues", "Hindi superstar" and "cinta-sayang". (these are direct
30. Malay most popular ambition... * to the public = "ingin
menjadi seorang insan yang berguna" * in reality = to be a clerk,
despatch, factory worker
31. Gossip are number 1 favourite past time.
32. Malay favourite magazine are URTV, Mangga, Jelita, Remaja
and Variasari.
33. Mark as "bangsa pendengki" by other race in Malaysia.
34. When someone giving a speech, a Malay usually will nod
their head (kepala terangguk-angguk) not to show that they understand,
but just simply to act that they understand in a serious manner.
35. Deep in the eyes of Malay, the meaning of "TERSIPU-SIPU
36. Malay got less friend from other races because... *
Malay are too proud of their own language which makes them stuck-up *
Malay also ignore that other etnic groups and foreign people are
willing to learn to speak in Malay while got other knowledge in other
language. (so now you know why this email is written in ENGLISH)
37. In Malaysia, people said "wear condom and don't forget
to take a bath with Dettol if you make love to a Malay".
38. An example of a Malay with good grades =STRAIGHT
39. A Malay boss are known as
* intimidating his staff
* Sexual harrasing & Blackmailing
* Welcome more family member and friends to join the
* Corruption
* Always bring company's item home for personel use.
40. Malay, as the biggest population in Malaysia, are
always feels threaten with the minority Christian in the
41. Malay chicks always dream to have sex with White Man but
always ended get f*ck by their own species. (Im sorry if this offended
you, but it was a promise)
42. Most babies found in the bushes and dustbin are Malay.
43. Most adultery/incest cases are by Malay.
44. Most divorce cases are by Malay couple.
45. Most yuppie wannabes are Malay.
46. Malay man got the habit using sink/wash hand area to
rinse and wash their penis mostly in their bathroom, hostel and also
the public toilet.
47. Malay love to make fun at people who use toilet paper to
wipe ass because they love to touch their sh*t with their hand.
48. Malay knows that other races could not dare to eat malay
food not because of the spices but because the food was process by
their ass-wiping-hand.
49. Malay use toilet paper in Malay restaurant / food court
/ warung to wipe customer's mouth and hand.
50. A typical malay Ready-to-wear.....
* a long, torn jeans,
* a T-shirt
* a pair of loafers
51. Malays can't live without rice and chilli.
52. A malay who check in a foreign hotel will cook their
food inside the hotel room with water boiler and a portable mini
to save cost.
53. Malay knows their favourite fast food......KENTUCKY
FRIED CHICKEN hot and spicy.
54. Malay will eat fried chicken and burger just like in the
manner of eating rice with hand "one hand lean on the table, slouching
head to the plate and other hand with finger close to each other to
enter mouth".
55. Malay toilet always smells like "petai".
56. Malay love to remind people to have their morning shower
but they themself always ended up having a BO in the afternoon.
57. Backstabbing are malay greatest asset.
58. Cheating in examination or test are heredity.
59. Malay favourite brand are G.A Blue Jeans, Lady-like
Jeans, a fake Ray-ban.
60. Upper class Malay favourite brand are the cheapest
Versace t-shirt, Malboro Classic sometimes fake sometimes not jeans,
old fashion (erik estrada CHIPS) Ray-Ban glasses and a discount sales
Mark and Spencer.
61. Weekend are racing paradise for "Mat Motor".
62. Malay never learn to accept people's opinion as a giude
or challenge.
63. You feel that you had to support Moslem terrorist just
because their are Islam and not because their are a serial killers.
64. Malay favourite living concept = BIAR PERUT KOSONG
65. The only musical instrument you can play is a GITAR
66. You Malay will pretend to ignore and deny that you are
typical.67. You MALAYS dreaming to become rich, but not by hard
68. Dont have money but always want to action - buying cars
like Waja, Wira and other expensive cars while you know you can only
afford a KAPCAI.
69. Parents very rich but still go overseas using govenment
scholarship. Go overseas to enjoy and not to study.
70. You will start to wondering about yourself after reading

n for those malays out there.. watch out.. sum of the things they told r rite..
we shud take sum actions, rite?

stealing again

got this frm tha' urm.. that gal laa


[Slept in your bed] - my big bro
[Saw you cry] - my sugar
[Made you cry] - my sugar
[Spent the night in your room]- no one
[You went to the mall with] - my sugar
[Yelled at you] - timah
[Sent you an email] - hanip
[Said they were going to kill you] - nobody..

[Said "I love you" and meant it?] - oo yeah, to my hOT sugah!
[Danced naked?] - when having my bath
[Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the next day?] - yeah.
[Stalked someone?] - yeah
[Had a mud bath?] - wud uv to try..
[Wished you were the opposite sex?] - sumtimes i wish so.
[Had an imaginary friend?] - nah..
[Math or English?] - math
[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] - sweet talks wif my sugar
[What was the last food you ate?] - sum of rojak frm my sugar's supper
[are you bored?] - not really
[How many buddies are on] - haaa.. tatau..
[Last time you went out of the state/province?] - ntah
[Lucky number?] - ntah..
Do you have a crush on someone] - of coz laa
[Do they know?] - tau kot..
[Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?] - oo i do laa
[What do you think of Ouija boards?] - attractive
[What book are you reading now?] - cleo mag
[What's on your mouse pad?] - tade mouse pad pun
[Favorite magazine?] - cleo
[Favorite sound?] - urm.. tade kot
[Worst feeling in the world?] - being betrayed
[What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?] - argh.. malasnyer nak gi keje..
[Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters?] - of coz roller coster
[How many rings before you answer?] - 4
[Do you sleep with a stuffed animal(s)?] - sorry, i dun have any laa
[If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be] - superhero
[Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?] - ye kot
[What's under your bed?] - dun have any bed laa.. maklumlah.. miskin.. isk..isk..
[Did you have fun doing this] - haa.. saje jek.. sangap ar..

Monday, April 19, 2004



- YOU ARE : 22 years old
- YOUR HAIR IS : brunette
- YOUR EYES ARE : light brown, but wearing green contact lenses
- YOUR FACE IS : urm.. above my neck
- YOUR LIP IS : soft.. weeehehe
- YOUR HANDS ARE : small
- YOUR LEGS ARE : full wif scars.. yikes..
- YOUR HEART IS : hearthrobe.


- YOUR MUM IS : lepak wif my grandma
- YOUR DAD IS : working
- YOUR SISTER IS : dun have one laa
- YOUR BROTHER IS : at his office
- YOUR BESTFRIENDS ARE : pretty n cool
- YOUR BF/GF IS : cute n charming
- YOUR CRUSH IS : sugah!
- YOUR GRANDMA IS : in her early 80s already but still tough
- YOUR GRANDPA IS : still hensem maa.. waaahahaha
- YOUR TEACHERS ARE : boooring...


- YOUR SCHOOLBAG IS : dun have one laa. jez using that palstic folder
- YOUR PENCIL CASE IS : yellow n got a big tweety pic on it
- YOUR WALLET IS : white bonia
- YOUR MOBILE IS : motorola
- YOUR BOOKS ARE : crichton's
- YOUR SUNGLASSES ARE : from Petaling Street
- YOUR TOWEL IS : busuk already..
- YOUR TEDDY IS : sux.. ain't have em
- YOUR CLOCK IS : swatch given by my ex


- YOUR SHIRT IS : red Padini
- YOUR SHOES ARE : vincci black heel
- YOUR UNDERWEARS ARE : pairs of black pierre cardin
- YOUR JACKET : wearing black cardigan actually
- YOUR SOCKS : in the closet
- YOUR BELT IS : dun have one laa..

LeT gOnE bY gOnE

hey, got new boyfren... guess who? someone that is so unexpected..
my God, wut i'v done.. i think this is another mistake i'v done in my life..
i jez couldn't resist it.. at 1st, i tot it's jez a fling.. suddenly, he came out n confess at me that he's really need me so much.. my god.. i lost my word.. dunno wut i'm gonna tell him.. i jez dun wanna be hurt again.. well, i'll try to work it out.. but if i'm gonna lost it one day, i jez accept my fate..

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

pInK sUx.. bUt i LuRvE iT..

got another new fren.. dunno wut his name, coz i cant reply his sms.. my fon dun have any credits.. but Omr said that he's chinese look, soccer player.. urm, sound nice.. actually i pretty sick now, getting know new guys.. dah ramai gile dah.. kekadang tak terlarat nak layan.. aduss..
but.. sumtimes, being single is sooo great.. coz u r soo available.. u can hang 'round wif anyone u want to without feeling guilty.. eheh..

mmmm... dunno y.. y i'm still so hating that gal.. i hate her so much... even that fucker... kuhek..kuhek.. uwek...
fuck 'em..

well.. things i need 2 do..
- yana
- eddy
- nana
- that guy

Monday, April 12, 2004

whIcH 0CCuPaTiOn sUiT U

1. What's your favorite color?
pastel colors! say, baby blue?

2. Your parents are out of town for the weekend. You are to look after your baby sister for 5 bucks. Your baby sister cries. What will you do?
mom gave me 5 bucks. so i shall get my sister to quit crying by all means. now, let me find the baby rattle...

3. If you are to choose one of the following items, which would you choose?
100 bucks. that'll last me for some time. aah~ party time, dudes!

4. Choose the option that you prioritize most in your life.
friends and of course, tsk tsk, a loving spouse would be nice...

5. Your physics test starts in one hour! You haven't done any studying yet. What will you do?it's alright. this isn't my first time not studying for a test anyways...

Which occupations suit you?

jEz bItChIn' 'rOuNd

Adopted from Precious

still stuck at my office.. my weekn is fabulous..
on friday, i hang over wif nana, wan n frens... at 1st, jez chill wif nana n omar at Uncle Don, n then Wan call me up, i asked him to join us.. then he came, omar blah.. he's kidnapped us n stay wif his BMI's fren.. missing alan, apiz, wa'im n that black skinny guy alot.. n their gals r so dull n bored.. sombong lak tuh.. me not interested laa.. by 6am, baru laa Wan antar kitarang balik..
i slept over at nana's house coz my dad's here..
then on saturday, fooling round at klcc, watching 50 most eligible bachelors..
n have snap a pic wif the hottest guy in town, roshan.. damn.. he's hot!
n i met naza n her sisters.. i tot she's kinda hot n cute.. but.. vice versa..
boleh laa tahan.. but not her twin, naz.. diarang dress up.. mak aii..! no comment laa.. but she's nice.. n we'v been plan, to have fun at IBIZA next weekn.. yeyeah!!
n that nite, i slept for 14 hour.. wow! heheh... my new record.. frm 9pm to 11am.. aku bangun sampai pening2, sakit blakang laa... n then that evening kluar lepak ngan wan.. jez makan2 n jalan2.. chill... erk.. n last nite Omr ask me out, having fried ice-cream at pasar malam.. but cancelled it last minute.. n promise me 2 takes me out this wed.. well, can't wait towatch 50 1st date.. but dunno wif whom... urmmm....

Friday, April 09, 2004

oRdInArY sUcKiN' dAy..

well.. ain't have any jobs to do.. wasting my time again at my office..
last day mr S_full ask me 2 watch muvi wif him.. but damn, me so tired maa.. n then m starting feelin not comfortable wif him.. he seems talking bout obscenes stuff all da time.. i dun like him!.. at 1st, i found him attractive, speshly wen talking on d fon.. but now.. he's pretty annoying.. urm.. jez leave him alone, rite..
n last nite, i was so emotional, n i cried.. it's been awhile since the last time i cry over for a lomo lame guy.. mayb bcoz m started to care more bout him, then it's pretty hurt wen he started to ignore me.. but soccey.. like ppl say..
easy come, easy go
he said he wanna meet me last nite.. but he ain't calling.. then i send sms to him, said tha' i was so kecik hati wif him.. then 'round 12, he called me but can't talk really well coz the signal is really fucking bad.. tapelaa.. things getting slow.. n i think he deserve a better a gal than me..
bcoz he's da 1 of quality guys who still available..
hope he's doin' fine wif his life..
sob.. sob..

think tha' i wanna go clubbing wif One dis weekn, but.. ma dad is here.. damn..
can do nothing.. arghh.. so i plan i jez hang out wif ma ladies frenz.. ask nana or sya.. dah lame ar tak lepak ngan diarang...
or wanna catch 50 1st date wif L or O..
dunno ar..???

my life's getting bored.. bored.. n bored each day.. coz evryday i met the same dull face.. fortunately ther's a few jokers r ere.. at least.. tade laa bosan sgt erk..
today supposed 2 b i need to check up sum drawings.. jap lagi laa buat.. bertenet ar jap.. ok babeh..

i luv maself!!!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Adopted from Precious

wut da @#$%!!!

jez finish my work 4 today..
here, wut i wrote here everyday.. bcoz m so pissed off.. piss off by a guy.. damn..!!
wonder y i'll always mad huh? dunno..

last 2 days, that fucker's befday.. i jez wish him tru email..
wondering, wut i'm gonna do this weekn..? wanna watch muvi, but wif who? mr.O or mr. L or Mr.S_full? dunno.. or wanna hang out wif mr.One..?
mr.damn_P_L said he's gonna balik kg again this weekn... huh! he ain't call or send sms even not miss call ma fon.. wut the fuck happend actually?! i can't understand it, fucker..!
this morning, he had missed call me.. ntah.. bengang sial..
pening.. pening..

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Wicked Angel
Adopted from Precious


lady's Daily Forecast

Quickie: You have faith. You also have an agenda. Recruit anyone that gets in your way.

Overview: Turn off the computer and put your credit card away. Who needs cybergratification when someone new and oh-so-interesting is toddling around just outside your door?
in my office.. actually i have to update the inventories list.. but the data ain't wif me now..
weekn ni ramai ajak aku tgk wayang.. tp.. urm.. tataulaa..
ngantuk siut..
nak tidur ar jap.. kul 2 bangun smayang, kol mr.shiram, mitak schedul nak buat inventories..
da daaa..
Dear Boy,
I do not know who you are, but I do hope we'll get to know each other perfectly.
I pray that when we meet and fall in love, you will love me for me, and not hope for someone who is thinner or prettier. I hope you won't compare me to girls who may have brighter smiles. I hope that you will make me laugh, take care of me if I get sick, and be trustworthy.
I hope you will remember that I prefer tulips to roses, and that my favorite color changes.
When we go on a date, please don't stress about where to take me; what's important is that I'll be with you.
If I cry, please know it isn't because of you, just hold me close and I'll heal quickly. And, if it is because of you, I'll heal just the same.
And if we decide to break up, please understand
that I may be bitter, but I'd like to be your friend if you'll let me. I promise to remember that you have feelings too, even though you'll never admit it, and when you are ready we'll have a friendship.
Please tell me if anything I do bothers you, or if something just doesn't sit right. I would like you to always be honest with me. If I have a bad day, I hope you will shower me with confidence and smiles.
I hope you don't think that I'm asking too much of you. I hope you understand that I'm a little bit nervous and very scared. Every relationship is a new game of cards, and ...(sigh)...I've never been good at cards. But I will try my best to be kind and love you dearly for all that you are, without expecting too much from you. Thank you for listening; this is all that I ask.

-taken from Sarah Bercot-

adapted from HER blog...

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Wed, April 1 (09:53 am)

in dang wangi now.. last nite hang out wif O.. my God, my pal's bf.. wut i did huh? hehe.. alaa bukannye de pe2 pun.. jez hang around n have fun.. ari ni nak jogging lak ngan mamat tuh..
jez reading that blog.. i'v bcome hate, hate n hate her more.. well.. tape laa, jez let her alone, rite?!! muwahahaha!!!!
having a date wif mr. P again.. huum.. n he ain't like b4.. biarlaa die..
n saiful.. urm.. tha' guy kinda weird, but he's got a cute voice..
ari nie kene check drawing.. pastuh.. ntah.. ari2 gi kejer, asik ngantuk jek.. huum..
making sum new pals.. pretty nice huh.. ihik..
well.. bile nak gi club agi ar? O ajak aku smlm.. but not sure bile.. kalo techno, die anytime jek.. maleh aku nak layan techno, sakit otak.. huhuuuu..
fuck the bitch!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

lotsa annoying stuff happend.. fuck tha' bitch... n tha' fucker jez msging me at yahoo.. uwekk.. ingat aku nak sgt kat fucker tuh.. eleh.. that lame loser guy? huh.. i can find sum1 betta laa... n to mr.P... also hell wif ya.. from now on... jez bare in your mind...

ude tgh chatting dgn @#$%^...nyeahahaha..very funto watch u know!!
highstyle at 3/27/2004 10:53:36 PM

wut's this bitch? fuck urself.. n fucking annoying.. aku baru jek nak maaf memaaf korang sume.. try to be nice to anyone.. but u jez fuck everything, bitch!!
M'sia - Sunday March 28 '04 (13:2pm)

it's pretty long time since last time i'm droppin' ere.. well.. lotsa things happen dude.. erm.. skarang kat sentul, at mu aunty's house.. coz this weekn got no plan at all... yesterday i jez sleepin' 4 da whole day.. n last nite i have catched flu, damn! ari ni bangun tido, headache... arghhhh......!!!!
last nite gak One has called me, gayut lame gak.. dah lame tak lepak2 n borak2 ngan die... biaselaa.. mr.phsycopath... huhu...

i wanna talk bout Pal_E.. my new guy.. i'v been doin lotsa things wif him.. n we dun even know wut's the status of our relationship actually.. every weekn i'll b spend most of my time wif him n his frenz.. they all bunch of cool dudes.. x-mrsm n educated, even have a mind of form 5 stu.. n they all kelantaneses... muawaahahahhaha... i do have fun wif 'em.. but.. everytime i spend time wif him.. after tha', i'll feel regret of wut i'm doin'.. how long we will stay this way huh? aku rase cam tak lame.. i do have a feeling 4 him.. but he seem's dun have any intention to get involve in serious relationship.. so do i... aargh...!
i feel all wrong.. but i dunno how to make things straight.. i'm pretty scared of this relationship.. coz i feel like i'm jez ruinin' myself.. O God... help me..


talking bout my practical training.. aduih.. nih satu hal.. whole 3days.. memang tade keje.. i was attach to AFC (automatic fund collector) dept.. buat project touch n go 4 STAR line.. 4th day got sum lectures bout our project frm my supervisor, mr.Hanafi... then 5th day, doing installation n sum technical stuff... n then tetibe my group leader assign me to do sum drawing... arghhhhh.... mati aku! mane laa aku reti sume tuh.. cibai tul! tension.. ape yg best kat aku nyer praktikal, i'm makin' sum new frenz.. n cutest 1 is hami mulia.. strange name rite? but she's so cute.. n we'r look alike.. hehe..

missing mr.P lots... huuwaaaaaaaa......

Saturday, March 13, 2004

M'sia - Saturday March 13 (11:52am)

hurm... jez reading ppl's blog.. muahahah.. searchin' inspirations actually... n drop by at tha' gal's blog.. saje jek singgah.. but get so menyampah becoz she's mention bout tha' fucker! damn!.. huhu.. wish tha' i can get a fine hot hunky bloke.. but 4 the time bein' i ain't fine one.. the only one i had found is a phsycopath mr.One.. damn!

last nite hang out wif eddy n his fren nabil.. went karaoke.. singing all along for 2 n half hours.. testing my skill but i ain't good in singing.. tha' nabil so damn good.. n he's got a really nice voice.. n he's hot.. muahahaha.. sumtimes malas ar nak layan eddy.. die ok jek.. tapi.. ntah.. maybe sebab he a lil bit chubby.. tha' wut's make me.. err.. dunno how to describe it.. he said he wanna get fit n skinny.. but nabil told me he already tried to diet for two months already.. but he's weight tak turun sket pun.. heheh.. sian eddy..

after hang around wif 'em, slept at 5am.. n wake up at 7:15 jez becoz i have to hang n dry out my clothes.. n then sleep again, wake up at 10:00am.. buzz mal, ask him sum favor to return my practical training form at faculty.. n stuck my head ere.. damn bored.. dun have any single plan today.. huhuuu..
M'sia - Saturday March 13 (11:22am)

I'm freaking pissed. Arg.. So frustrating. Sometimes in life, you just wanna give up whatever you're doing and just sit down, and think bout what you wanna do in the future, or think if what you're doing now really serves a purpose in life. I mean, ok, there're times where you are having the time of your life, and you think "hm, so life doesn't suck as I thought it would." Then when you're at the bottom of your "life-curve", you start saying how much life sucks and bla bla bla. Yea, so they say... Your life has this curve, this U shaped curve. Sometimes you can be at the top, and at other times, you're at the bottom. And they always say... Things might be bad now, but it'll get better. Just give it time. Yea, it's easy to say, but hello? I ain't gonna live forever.. I can't just waste my time giving IT time..
Don't you sometimes feel that whatever you've planned is just too good to be true? And don't you find that everytime you plan something this way, a small part of it, or prolly the WHOLE plan just goes wrong?

Yea, just move on in life, dump whatever's in your past, forget your past, just step forward into your remaining life as a new, clean, revamped person. Start from the scratch. Geez, if it's that easy, there wouldn't be all these shit around now.
So I've been thinking. Should I really give up whatever I have, then just continue life here as a person alone? Take it slow and easy, don't let the past haunt me, forget all that I've got back home (besides my family), and just be a new person in a new country.
That's a good idea huh? Think I'll just do that. S.L.O.W.L.Y..
I'm seriously sick of waiting. Actually, I've been waiting all my life, the time's still not here. Fuck it. Where has it gone? I don't wanna keep waiting and waiting and wasting my life away. I don't wanna wait any longer. The longer you wait, the longer your patience wears thin. It's very thin already. Don't wanna keep lying to myself. Don't wanna keep having these hallucinations and imaginations. Don't wanna have something I can't touch. Don't wanna keep hoping and praying and wishing. It doesn't come true.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

M'sia - Thursday, March 11 (23:52pm)

well, it's almost 3 hours.. wasting ma money ere.. damn.. dahlaa tgh broke.. cess.. huh.. td last paper... actually this nite plan nak tgk vcd ngan yana.. but here i am.. actually i create a new blog 4 ma self.. so that any regular person read ma blog b4 ain't reading ma blog anymore.. n i have to start a new life again.. wut's done is done.. i need to think bout future.. wut's coming is more important then past..
umm... i'm getting close again wif wan.. he actually freak out of me.. he tot that i wanna have a sexual realatonship wif him.. stupid ass..! i dun have any single attention to do it wif him.. huh! alaa.. sumtimes ppl got horny.. standard ar.. ntah pe2 ar mamat tuh..
after this, i'll try to be myself.. the part he knews is bad side of me.. n that's not really me.. i wanna show him.. who's the real me.. jez the ordinary tudung gal.. frm ukm.. nyeehahahahah...
alrite.. cc dah nak tutup..
Hey comic book geek! How you describe your personality?
veloptuous- va-va-voom!!

If u weren’t so bz looking pretty, what would be your perfect job?
Fashion designer

Hmm… interesting, tell me more. I’m getting horny… wait.. no I’m not.. umm, yes I am! Are you:
Part of the team..

Lets say you bumped into somebaody who murdered your parents. What would you do to him/her?
Apply my own brand of justice, never mess with chicks man!

How would you describe your style of dress?
Retro. Stick wif wut works..

What your greates asset. Besides your looks that kill..
Up beat attitude

What statements applies to you?
If there is a problem, you bet your ass woman can take care of it.

Choose some colours:
Blue and white

Let’s talk bout the wretched nemesis of yours. Who the hell is he/she?
My ex boyfren, tha’ bastard

What kind of crime would you be most comfortable foiling?
World domination.. ( and maybe the sexual domination..)

Tell me bout your fighting style?
I start by kicking everyone’s ass, then get a nice pedicure

So gorgeous. What do you look like?
Total hottie. I’m gorgeous.. muwahahahahha…

What’s your philosophy on men?
I’m total flirt. Hey, guys aren’t the only ones with little black books, rite!

Let’s talk super powers! What sounds most appealing to you:
Telekenetic abilities

Hey I know you! (or do you have a secret identity?)
Shhh, I wear mask, or at least alter my appearance..

Finally.. you see someone trip and fall down. Knowing that you are, in fact a superhero. They yell out to you..
“hey baby! You gonna help me out here, or jez sit there in your tights and look pretty?” how do you respon?
“You need an attitude adjustmen, sugah!”

How would you describe yourself?
innocent, guilty, complex, confuse n a lil bitchy..

What do you listen to when you are growing up?
spice girls, boyzone,greenday, nirvana and last but not least KRU

People would be amazed to discover that you..
are looking innocent but sumtimes can be a real bitch

The line that can describe your life so far..

What's the first thing you'd do if you'r invicible..
go to the men's room n compared who has the biggest dick.. hahaha..

Growing up, i swore i would never
fall in luv wif a lame muther fucker! again..

If people peeked into your fridge, what they'r gonna find..
milk, vanilla coke, ice-cream, chocolates, yogurt, kiwi n grapes..

what's never fail to make you smile?
to see another smile..

what's the best thing being you?
sumtimes people find me innocent , but i'm not tha' innocent.. muahhahaha...
what are you doing today?
taking my 2nd last paper

how are you feeling today?

what make you feel happy today?
ramzi n yana

what make you feel stress today?

what you eat today?
nasi lomak jer

what are you wearing today?
yellow tshirt n checkers shorts

what song you listen today?

what movie you watch today?

what subject you study today?
facility design
person u love most
my mum

person u hate most
tha' fucker!

person u adored most
my mum (beside the Prophet Muhammed)

person u like most

person u would like to date most
A gorgeous gay!

person u would like to hug most
Wan (becoz he's so big n cushy)

person u would like to take revenge most
tha' fucker

friend u like most
amar (besides my clique; ani, sya, zie n munie)

girl u like most

guy u like most

person u like to watch most
a gal who's living in da same block wif me (damn, she's drop dead gorgeous)
today.. tired..