Saturday, October 02, 2004


today's my husband's befday..
but nothing really special today..
kesian kat my hubby..
btw, he's working today n this evening he got football match..
n me having a gud time wif me old fellas..
wan rose, mardhati, pijah n sya..
we used so close to each other back in our matriculation days..
it's so chill to have em back ere..
n i also have a long chat with amar last 2 days..
well.. feel so happy to have frens who still care n happy for u..
n today n tomorrow, the convocation days..
n a few of frens graduate.. including mardhati, zie, amar n ramzi..
hey, congratulations u guys..
bile laa aku nak grad..
lagi due tahun..
lame siut...

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