Monday, January 11, 2010

staring at the blank space

honestly, i feel blank..
tired all day long.
sometimes i jez don't know what i am suppose to do.
poor Aiman and Asyraf.
i don't know i jez feel sorry for them.
well, 24 hours a day ain't enuf for me.
wish my day would be longer.
tho i am still jobless technically.
still my hours a day not enuf.

basically, my morning duty start at 6:30.
well i'm supposed to wake up earlier, but since i'm starting to snooze after midnite everyday seems impossible to wake up subuh earlier.
then prepare breakfast, gosok baju n warmth bath for Aiman.
at the same time, my Doraemon akan bangun for his morning pooping.
after Aiman's ready, settle up Asyraf pulak yg dah poopoo every single morning at seven. *bleh tak budak kecik pooping at the same time everyday. if only adults pun maca, tuh kan bagus, so bleh ar bajet bile time kite nak termenung*
then, get ready for the papa plak, his breakfast and yada, yada, yada..
after 10.00 am baru laa settle for everyone not including me.
pastuh, houseworks nyer turn.
Laundry, dishwashing n etc.
blom siap sume lagi, have to fetch Aiman plak.
Pi amik Aiman, balik prepare lunch for us.
after lunch sambung housework or looking for jobs online or lipat baju.
masuk je kul 3.00, dah tak larat nak wat pe2.
al maklumlah, tido tak cukup, coz am always wake up at the middle of the night either breastfeeding or tutup lampu n tv coz hunky always sleeping with the tv on without switching it off.
in that case, kalo hantar si doraemon tuh kat babysitter.
kalo tak hantar doraemon tuh kat org jaga, hehe, memang i tak leh wat keje pe2 pun kat rumah coz have to attend him 24/7.
haiz.. penat nyer..
i wonder how housewife yg ade anak berbelas-belas leh handle those army.
anak due pun dah tak cukup tangan. inikan anak berbelas n plus, sume kecik2 n jarak dekat-dekat. oh tidak!
well, off for today.
hari ni baru dapat shortlisted sume jobs yg sesuai, blom apply lagi, tak sempat pun.japgi dah nak kene amik asyraf kat baby sitter. then langsung takleh nak wat pe2 dah.honestly, die memang langsung tanak diletak. i wonder how makcik yg babysit die tuh leh handle.
ok.. going for asar. and wish i have a better luck in finding jobs.