Thursday, December 16, 2004

2 months..

it's almost 2 months i ain't blogging..
lotsa things happen.. good n bad things..
one of the event i can't forget is raye..
huhu.. i met that stoopid gal at nolie's wed..
she's trying to avoid me all along..
i can't see the hate in her face..
well baby.. jez take ur hate to ur entire life.. i dun care..
i know u r suffering when seing me wif my beloved husband..
well, i dun mind if every gals fren were by ur side ignoring me.. coz i got my husband beside me all the time..
pa, i luv u..
n wut else ah...?
the most bad thing happend.. we lost our saving rm3000 becoz of being stupid..
it's our fault... both of us.. n the sad thing is.. that saving is actually for our baby.. n now we in the hell.. try to find a way to get back the money coz hell the money we have now ain't enuf for my baby..
God help me...
2004 is really the worst year in my life..
i dun want to remember any single things had happened in this horrible years..
flash back..
early of the year.. i was greaving after that stupid moron, fariz fucker (well, seems to me he's celebrating his 1 year relationship with that bitch this month, hepi anniversary dudes!)
then i lost my frenship with amar.. (for a long while i guess..)
then i started to have my wild life..
fooling around..
start to ruin myself with cigar n drinks..
then i get fucked n get preganant..
then get married..
then damaging my ten years frenship wif my fren.. used to be a best fren perhaps..
get my study ruined..
n lastly, lost rm3000 for my stupidity...
i hope it's enuff for this year..
n now i'm counting down my day to deliver this innocent lil baby..
i hope n i pray..
when this lil boy meet the world..
he would bring such a good luck n happiness to our life...
n may 2005 bring back all those happiness that i had miss so much..
n to my beloved husband..
i love u so much..
body n soul..
i dunno how i can make it tru this without u my love..
i love u.. i love u..
n i always do..