Friday, October 22, 2004

at the com lab..
i woke up eraly tho i slept at 2am n woke at five to sahur..
the i woke up again at 8:20am.. i called sya, nak tumpang gi fak..
n she sed she gona go at 9:30 n i continue my sleep tho i already mandi n bersiap2..
sedar2 dah 9:45..
i send my thesis at my departmen.. n i went to pejabat dekan to give my letter nak cuti satu sem.. skali org kat ofis tuh yg muke cam beruk, main campak jek surat aku ntah memane.. celake tul.. there! aku dah mencarut pepagi.. aku punye laa buat muke baik, baik ati sabar jek tunggu.. dah takde org nak melayan kat depan kaunter tuh.. staf2 kat pejabat dekan tuh memang celake ar.. tak frenly langsung.. kalo surat aku tak lulus.. nanti dr.jai tak dapat aku nyer surat.. memang makcik tak sedar diri tuh nak kene maki ngan aku ar..
well.. pepagi dah mencarut..
aku nak study.. but i'm not in the mood of study..
last nite, i can't sleep..
n i sorprise myself, i woke up n study..
ade laa gak hasil nye..
gotta leave..

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

dem bored..
open my frenster.. n view sum other ppl pages.. including tasya..
she's one hot chick.. like to partying n luv music n dancing alot..
remind me of i use to be before.. partying around.. smoking cigar n sisha..
kinda cool rite.. huum.. my hepi times..
becoz of wanna be cool n hot..
here i am.. pregnant n phsycologily sick...
it's midnite now.. i better leave..
wer my husband? hey.. i dun sleep wif u for 3 days now.. wer r u at now?
i want my nafkah batin! heeeeeeeeeeee.....

tired maa

fucking tired..
last nite i slept at 4:30 in the morning.. doing prep for my final presentation..
n sooo glad coz it's over now.. the presentation going smoothly though at the end wen the lecturers asking lotsa questions n i jez like kerang busuk.. dem.. i dun even can't remember wat i have done wif the project.. erghhhh...
miss my hubby so much.. today is really lazy sleepy day... i'm tired but not that hungry.. gota go..

Monday, October 11, 2004

fucking sick..

i'm tired.. sick of the bullshits.. tak abis2 lagi..
fuck it!
last nite i met imi n mjol..
that couple.. at first i reluctant to met them..
n then my husband as always jez said to me that he jez wanna show of to them how much we luv each other n how happy our life now..
n that gal imi kinda shock when see me free hair n jez wearing a tanktop n jacket..
then me n my hubby get two new clothes for me n change the clothes right away..
n then we met again that couple at delifrance...
well, the conversation went smoothly...
but i know what kind of gal that imi could be..
she's never like me since skool..
so last nite.. i dun know if our conversation was sincere or not..
i think everybody was being hipocrit.. acting nice to each other, but deep inside..
u hate each other..
well.. that's the way women do..
i'm happy with my life now..
me n my husband are so deep in luv..
soooo in luv..
i miss him every single minutes..
n my life is alil bit in peace.. even thouh there still lotsa things need to be think of..
yg penting..
i'm happy..
pa... luv u so much..
n damn.. i've got paper tomorrow n the next day..
i'll be dead meat.. huhuuuu..
wish me luck!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

go n fuck urself!

those bullshits will never end rite!
i dun know how many version of the stories have spread out..
fuck it! i dun give a damn..
nana n mc shah met behind my back.. n ere we goes one other person..
who has thinking.. 'OMG, i have changed.. i have changed to a bitch..'
hello.. hey.. that's me.. i dun think i have changed that much.. i have been being a bitch for my entire life? dun u know that? and.. of coz.. the blame of coz on me..
n hello once again.. i dun mean to kutuk my own husband.. but.. i wonder wut happen to him..? did i the one who tergile-gile at him..? hello people.. he's the one who keep running after me.. he's the one he begging me to be wif him.. once again i repeat.. he's the one who BEGGING me..
n u dun have any fucking idea wut kind of life i have been tru..
n besides.. ade ke penah aku ganggu idup korang? penah ke? excuse me, penah ke?
ha ungkit la.. time ni la aku nak kasik can korang mengungkit..
well i dun have time to think wut ppl think bout me..
still got lotsa more important things in my mind..
jez go head.. u can hate.. u can bullshit.. i dun care my dear..
i've got my own life.. so do urs.. n i'm not dying if u r werent there for me..
all i need now.. is jez the one n only husband i have..
n listen to me ppl.. i dun care how bad he is.. how gud he is.. i luv him.. for the who he is.. n i beg u ppl.. ppl who hating me.. jez go away..
u dun make my life easier.. u jez make me more mad n more bitchess...
n to save ur ass, jez go away.. before i ruin ur life.. like i ruin the life of the stupid bitch before.. she deserve that, becoz she's the one who boil up my range..
so.. remember that..
i can be so kind.. really kind.. n luv to ppl who love me.. but dun mess with me..
u dun have any fucking idea who i am.. my life is already hard.. n dun make it harder, biatch! or i'll put that fucking pain in ur ass!


huum... a bit relief... dah lame tak mencarut..
aku dah bosan gile.. tak abis2 lagi citer.. mampos la..
baru jek idup aku aman sket..
pastuh timbul balik citer busuk tuh..
ok end of the story..

today i'm gonna watch my hubby kicking ass in soccer match at bukit jalil wif his team.. ocean eleven.. can't wait to meet my fellas there.. cat, ija, ros n so on.. they r a bunch of older women.. but i dun mind.. even they're far older than me.. but they're so open.. really care to talk, chat n gossip wif me.. i luv those ppl.. besides, they r multi races.. ther r chinese, indian n of coz malay.. penah one time the whole of us going clubbing at hotel mutiara.. sangat best.. lagi2 kitarang multi races.. menarik kan..
oklaa.. dah lapar tahap cipan..
pa, i luv u!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


today's my husband's befday..
but nothing really special today..
kesian kat my hubby..
btw, he's working today n this evening he got football match..
n me having a gud time wif me old fellas..
wan rose, mardhati, pijah n sya..
we used so close to each other back in our matriculation days..
it's so chill to have em back ere..
n i also have a long chat with amar last 2 days..
well.. feel so happy to have frens who still care n happy for u..
n today n tomorrow, the convocation days..
n a few of frens graduate.. including mardhati, zie, amar n ramzi..
hey, congratulations u guys..
bile laa aku nak grad..
lagi due tahun..
lame siut...