Thursday, May 13, 2004

mY LiFe aLpHaBeT..

A - aquarius; my zodiac

B - BITCH: Babe In Total Control Of Herself

C - cat; i lurvee catz..

D - dancing; lurve to shake bon-bon so much.. heeyaaah..

E - enjoying my life now.. weeehehehe..

F - flirt; used to flirt so much..

G - G-spot; dunno where the exact spot yet..

H - horny; sumtimes ppl get horny,rite..?

I - inflatable; fav song by bush..

J - jamban; i like clean jamban coz i'm gonna use it 10 to 20 times a day..

K - kelantan; my hometown

L - love; deeply in luv wif my sugah!

M - mat yie; my 7 years old younger brotha..

N - nOtHiNg LaSt fOrEvEr..

O - OMAR; my sugah!!

P - procrastinate; i'm professional procrastinator

Q - Q-ball; kinda jelly that i can find in my fav drinks at delimau nipis restaurant at bangi..

R - radio; hItZ.fM

S - sex.. urmmm,interesting..

T - Tudung, On and OFF..

U - ummi; the one n only beloved mum...

V - va-va voom chick!!

W - white; one of fav colour..

X - Xtreme choc, San Francisco Coffee; my fav smoothies..

Y - young n beautiful.. yeah..

Z - zetty; my name... ;)