Wednesday, May 19, 2004

the day in depot

arghh... at depot rite now.. at Ami's table.. luckily there's internet ere.. kalo tak mati aku sangap..
i have to meet my lecturer, dunno wich lecturer will coming over..
smlm aku tungkus lumus siapkan aku nyer log book.. end up tido kul 3:30 pg.. tak penah gi aku tido kul 3:30pg sebab siapkan report...
nyesal siut aku tak buat awal2...
tp yg pastinyer aku leh balik umah awal.. tp sugar balik kg, kene rush antar keter balik.. huum..
i'm broke rite now..
n yesterday, i broke to my big brotha's room, searching 4 sum money..
well, i didb't mean to stealing... i jez need sum money 4 my lunch..
but... suddenly, wut i found is a porn cd... hehehe..
actually normal laa kan org tgk porn.. but it's pretty funny coz the ppl who watch that is my big brotha n my sista in law.. y? bcoz they'r nerdy n shy ppl.. huumm... air yg tenang jgn disangke tiade buaye... rite....?

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