Monday, May 10, 2004

*sighing again*...
actually i dun have to sigh.. but i jez wanna sigh.. weeeweweeewee...
i'm happy wif my life now..
got someone to luv by myside..
sum great + wonderful + lovely frens here wif me..
life is jez wonderful rite..?
i wanna live my life to the most zesty life could be..
(erk.. btul ke ayat aku nih? ;P kuhek!kuhek!..)

well.. still 3 weeks left i'm doin my job ere at Dang Wangi...
i'm so lazy to work maa... n this morning kene sound kat my supervisor coz i ain't finish yet the task that have given to me long time ago.. hikhik... urm.. tape laa, take it slow..

n 4 the 1st time in my life, i've joined a canoe tournament.. i represent my company wif my cute pal, Ami.. heheh.. best laa jugak..

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