Wednesday, April 28, 2004


1.. Boxers or briefs: none of 'em.. pls dun wear anything... ;P
2.. Long or short hair: pretty long.. but if the hair is like a maggi, u better botak laa, lagi bagus..
3.. Dark or blonde hair: brunette
4.. Tall or short: taller laa... alaa, lagipun every guy is taller than me, rite..
5.. Six pack: six pack but skinny
6.. Muscular arms: Dont care la..
7.. Good or bad guy: Bad boyxxxss
8.. Hats or no hats: cap
9.. Ears pierced or not: either 1..
10.. Dimples: yeah, cute..
11.. Studly or cutie: erm..macho? bleh?
12.. Dark or light eyes: translucent..
13.. Fat or thin: skinny
14.. Jewellery or none: both
15.. Curly or straight hair: of coz straight, but mine is curl, so curly is acceptable laa..
16.. Freckles or none: none
17.. Indoor or outdoor: both
18.. Shy or outgoing: not too shy.. not so outgoing..

1.. Would you date someone just for her/his looks: yeah, maybe..
2.. Chocolate or white milk: both
3.. Mud or jelly: jelly-o
4.. Skiing or boarding : both
5.. Summer or winter: musim tengkujuh
8.. Cake or pie: cheese cake
9.. Silver or gold: platinum..
10.. Sunset or sunrise: both.. tp biase mase sunrise, air liur tgh meleleh lagi..
11.. Have you ever fractured/broken/sprained : Not yet..
13.. What's your favorite color: blue n white
14.. Do you hate anyone?: urm.. no comment..
15.. Who do you dream about: aaar? diri sendiri ar kot..
16.. Do u have a HUGE crush on someone right now?: urm.. ade kot..
17.. Who's the loudest friend: sape ar? tak dapat dikenal pasti..
18.. Who's the quietest friend: tak jumpe gi..
19.. Who do you tell your dreams to: yana..
20.. What shampoo and conditioner do you use: loreal..
21.. How many T.Vs in your house: 1
22.. Who's the last person you called: my sugar..
23.. Where do you want to get married: kat kampung laa..
24.. Favorite number: 777
25.. Favorite boys names: takde laa...
26.. Favourite girls names: zizie? zaza? zetty...? heheh..
27.. Have you ever gone skinny dipping: nah..
28.. Have you been in love?: huhu.. mesti laa..
29.. How many people are you sending this to?: no one..

i'm steal this stuff frm a gal..

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