Tuesday, April 13, 2004

pInK sUx.. bUt i LuRvE iT..

got another new fren.. dunno wut his name, coz i cant reply his sms.. my fon dun have any credits.. but Omr said that he's chinese look, soccer player.. urm, sound nice.. actually i pretty sick now, getting know new guys.. dah ramai gile dah.. kekadang tak terlarat nak layan.. aduss..
but.. sumtimes, being single is sooo great.. coz u r soo available.. u can hang 'round wif anyone u want to without feeling guilty.. eheh..

mmmm... dunno y.. y i'm still so hating that gal.. i hate her so much... even that fucker... kuhek..kuhek.. uwek...
fuck 'em..

well.. things i need 2 do..
- yana
- eddy
- nana
- that guy

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