Friday, April 09, 2004

oRdInArY sUcKiN' dAy..

well.. ain't have any jobs to do.. wasting my time again at my office..
last day mr S_full ask me 2 watch muvi wif him.. but damn, me so tired maa.. n then m starting feelin not comfortable wif him.. he seems talking bout obscenes stuff all da time.. i dun like him!.. at 1st, i found him attractive, speshly wen talking on d fon.. but now.. he's pretty annoying.. urm.. jez leave him alone, rite..
n last nite, i was so emotional, n i cried.. it's been awhile since the last time i cry over for a lomo lame guy.. mayb bcoz m started to care more bout him, then it's pretty hurt wen he started to ignore me.. but soccey.. like ppl say..
easy come, easy go
he said he wanna meet me last nite.. but he ain't calling.. then i send sms to him, said tha' i was so kecik hati wif him.. then 'round 12, he called me but can't talk really well coz the signal is really fucking bad.. tapelaa.. things getting slow.. n i think he deserve a better a gal than me..
bcoz he's da 1 of quality guys who still available..
hope he's doin' fine wif his life..
sob.. sob..

think tha' i wanna go clubbing wif One dis weekn, but.. ma dad is here.. damn..
can do nothing.. arghh.. so i plan i jez hang out wif ma ladies frenz.. ask nana or sya.. dah lame ar tak lepak ngan diarang...
or wanna catch 50 1st date wif L or O..
dunno ar..???

my life's getting bored.. bored.. n bored each day.. coz evryday i met the same dull face.. fortunately ther's a few jokers r ere.. at least.. tade laa bosan sgt erk..
today supposed 2 b i need to check up sum drawings.. jap lagi laa buat.. bertenet ar jap.. ok babeh..

i luv maself!!!

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