Wednesday, April 21, 2004

1. When is your birthday? feb 11th
2. What is the best gift you ever received on your birthday? 2 swatchs n a tommy's handbag frm my asshole ex
3. What schools have you attended? s.k.berangan, petra, kmpp n ukm
4. What can we find in your wardrobe? lotsa..lotsa stuffs..
5. What is the least likely that we can find in your wardrobe? solder iron
6. What can we find on your study table? pics frames
7. Favourite ice cream? xtreme choc
8. Favourite cartoon character? cardcapture sakura
9. Who is the hottest cartoon character? little lulu
10. Do you think you can win a million dollars on Survivor? no
12. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? looks
14. Do you think anyone in your class is hot? nah
15. Do you have a crush on someone in your class? nah
16. Who do you think is hot amongst your friends of your gender? yana
18. What movie made you cry? armageddon
19. Who makes you cry? anybody
20. Who makes you laugh? anybody
21. What would you save first if your house is burning? my henfon
22. Do you like animals? yeah
23. What would you name your children? hell..i dunno
24. Have you ever fallen for someone who was attached? always do..
24. Do you have a nickname? of coz la.. but its a secret maa.. malu ar.. hehe..
25. What do you think of homosexuals? erm.. interesting
26. What do you think of good looking and hot homosexuals? damn hot
27. How many times have you told someone you loved him/her? so manytimes ar..
28. Did u mean it when u said it? haa.. boleh laa
29. Which outlets do you do most of your shopping at? urm.. bb i think..
30. How do you spend your weekend nights? hang around..
31. Whats the most valuable thing that you have lost? my.. err.. wut ar..?

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