Thursday, April 08, 2004

Adopted from Precious

wut da @#$%!!!

jez finish my work 4 today..
here, wut i wrote here everyday.. bcoz m so pissed off.. piss off by a guy.. damn..!!
wonder y i'll always mad huh? dunno..

last 2 days, that fucker's befday.. i jez wish him tru email..
wondering, wut i'm gonna do this weekn..? wanna watch muvi, but wif who? mr.O or mr. L or Mr.S_full? dunno.. or wanna hang out wif mr.One..?
mr.damn_P_L said he's gonna balik kg again this weekn... huh! he ain't call or send sms even not miss call ma fon.. wut the fuck happend actually?! i can't understand it, fucker..!
this morning, he had missed call me.. ntah.. bengang sial..
pening.. pening..

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