Monday, April 12, 2004

whIcH 0CCuPaTiOn sUiT U

1. What's your favorite color?
pastel colors! say, baby blue?

2. Your parents are out of town for the weekend. You are to look after your baby sister for 5 bucks. Your baby sister cries. What will you do?
mom gave me 5 bucks. so i shall get my sister to quit crying by all means. now, let me find the baby rattle...

3. If you are to choose one of the following items, which would you choose?
100 bucks. that'll last me for some time. aah~ party time, dudes!

4. Choose the option that you prioritize most in your life.
friends and of course, tsk tsk, a loving spouse would be nice...

5. Your physics test starts in one hour! You haven't done any studying yet. What will you do?it's alright. this isn't my first time not studying for a test anyways...

Which occupations suit you?

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