Thursday, March 11, 2004

How would you describe yourself?
innocent, guilty, complex, confuse n a lil bitchy..

What do you listen to when you are growing up?
spice girls, boyzone,greenday, nirvana and last but not least KRU

People would be amazed to discover that you..
are looking innocent but sumtimes can be a real bitch

The line that can describe your life so far..

What's the first thing you'd do if you'r invicible..
go to the men's room n compared who has the biggest dick.. hahaha..

Growing up, i swore i would never
fall in luv wif a lame muther fucker! again..

If people peeked into your fridge, what they'r gonna find..
milk, vanilla coke, ice-cream, chocolates, yogurt, kiwi n grapes..

what's never fail to make you smile?
to see another smile..

what's the best thing being you?
sumtimes people find me innocent , but i'm not tha' innocent.. muahhahaha...

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