Thursday, March 11, 2004

M'sia - Thursday, March 11 (23:52pm)

well, it's almost 3 hours.. wasting ma money ere.. damn.. dahlaa tgh broke.. cess.. huh.. td last paper... actually this nite plan nak tgk vcd ngan yana.. but here i am.. actually i create a new blog 4 ma self.. so that any regular person read ma blog b4 ain't reading ma blog anymore.. n i have to start a new life again.. wut's done is done.. i need to think bout future.. wut's coming is more important then past..
umm... i'm getting close again wif wan.. he actually freak out of me.. he tot that i wanna have a sexual realatonship wif him.. stupid ass..! i dun have any single attention to do it wif him.. huh! alaa.. sumtimes ppl got horny.. standard ar.. ntah pe2 ar mamat tuh..
after this, i'll try to be myself.. the part he knews is bad side of me.. n that's not really me.. i wanna show him.. who's the real me.. jez the ordinary tudung gal.. frm ukm.. nyeehahahahah...
alrite.. cc dah nak tutup..

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