Thursday, March 11, 2004

Hey comic book geek! How you describe your personality?
veloptuous- va-va-voom!!

If u weren’t so bz looking pretty, what would be your perfect job?
Fashion designer

Hmm… interesting, tell me more. I’m getting horny… wait.. no I’m not.. umm, yes I am! Are you:
Part of the team..

Lets say you bumped into somebaody who murdered your parents. What would you do to him/her?
Apply my own brand of justice, never mess with chicks man!

How would you describe your style of dress?
Retro. Stick wif wut works..

What your greates asset. Besides your looks that kill..
Up beat attitude

What statements applies to you?
If there is a problem, you bet your ass woman can take care of it.

Choose some colours:
Blue and white

Let’s talk bout the wretched nemesis of yours. Who the hell is he/she?
My ex boyfren, tha’ bastard

What kind of crime would you be most comfortable foiling?
World domination.. ( and maybe the sexual domination..)

Tell me bout your fighting style?
I start by kicking everyone’s ass, then get a nice pedicure

So gorgeous. What do you look like?
Total hottie. I’m gorgeous.. muwahahahahha…

What’s your philosophy on men?
I’m total flirt. Hey, guys aren’t the only ones with little black books, rite!

Let’s talk super powers! What sounds most appealing to you:
Telekenetic abilities

Hey I know you! (or do you have a secret identity?)
Shhh, I wear mask, or at least alter my appearance..

Finally.. you see someone trip and fall down. Knowing that you are, in fact a superhero. They yell out to you..
“hey baby! You gonna help me out here, or jez sit there in your tights and look pretty?” how do you respon?
“You need an attitude adjustmen, sugah!”

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