Saturday, March 13, 2004

M'sia - Saturday March 13 (11:52am)

hurm... jez reading ppl's blog.. muahahah.. searchin' inspirations actually... n drop by at tha' gal's blog.. saje jek singgah.. but get so menyampah becoz she's mention bout tha' fucker! damn!.. huhu.. wish tha' i can get a fine hot hunky bloke.. but 4 the time bein' i ain't fine one.. the only one i had found is a phsycopath mr.One.. damn!

last nite hang out wif eddy n his fren nabil.. went karaoke.. singing all along for 2 n half hours.. testing my skill but i ain't good in singing.. tha' nabil so damn good.. n he's got a really nice voice.. n he's hot.. muahahaha.. sumtimes malas ar nak layan eddy.. die ok jek.. tapi.. ntah.. maybe sebab he a lil bit chubby.. tha' wut's make me.. err.. dunno how to describe it.. he said he wanna get fit n skinny.. but nabil told me he already tried to diet for two months already.. but he's weight tak turun sket pun.. heheh.. sian eddy..

after hang around wif 'em, slept at 5am.. n wake up at 7:15 jez becoz i have to hang n dry out my clothes.. n then sleep again, wake up at 10:00am.. buzz mal, ask him sum favor to return my practical training form at faculty.. n stuck my head ere.. damn bored.. dun have any single plan today.. huhuuu..

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