Sunday, March 28, 2004

M'sia - Sunday March 28 '04 (13:2pm)

it's pretty long time since last time i'm droppin' ere.. well.. lotsa things happen dude.. erm.. skarang kat sentul, at mu aunty's house.. coz this weekn got no plan at all... yesterday i jez sleepin' 4 da whole day.. n last nite i have catched flu, damn! ari ni bangun tido, headache... arghhhh......!!!!
last nite gak One has called me, gayut lame gak.. dah lame tak lepak2 n borak2 ngan die... biaselaa.. mr.phsycopath... huhu...

i wanna talk bout Pal_E.. my new guy.. i'v been doin lotsa things wif him.. n we dun even know wut's the status of our relationship actually.. every weekn i'll b spend most of my time wif him n his frenz.. they all bunch of cool dudes.. x-mrsm n educated, even have a mind of form 5 stu.. n they all kelantaneses... muawaahahahhaha... i do have fun wif 'em.. but.. everytime i spend time wif him.. after tha', i'll feel regret of wut i'm doin'.. how long we will stay this way huh? aku rase cam tak lame.. i do have a feeling 4 him.. but he seem's dun have any intention to get involve in serious relationship.. so do i... aargh...!
i feel all wrong.. but i dunno how to make things straight.. i'm pretty scared of this relationship.. coz i feel like i'm jez ruinin' myself.. O God... help me..


talking bout my practical training.. aduih.. nih satu hal.. whole 3days.. memang tade keje.. i was attach to AFC (automatic fund collector) dept.. buat project touch n go 4 STAR line.. 4th day got sum lectures bout our project frm my supervisor, mr.Hanafi... then 5th day, doing installation n sum technical stuff... n then tetibe my group leader assign me to do sum drawing... arghhhhh.... mati aku! mane laa aku reti sume tuh.. cibai tul! tension.. ape yg best kat aku nyer praktikal, i'm makin' sum new frenz.. n cutest 1 is hami mulia.. strange name rite? but she's so cute.. n we'r look alike.. hehe..

missing mr.P lots... huuwaaaaaaaa......

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