Thursday, August 26, 2004

ring the bell..

when i view my blog.. huumm.. it's a bit bored rite?
it's like no one gonna read it.. haa..
well i'm expecting a few of my frenz..
matbe becoz i rarely updating it so ppl jez dun wanna read anymore..
btw, i write here not becoz i wanna people read it..
i jez fill my mind on the block..
now i'm a lil bit worried bout my thesis..
n.. my life..
bile laa life aku nak stabil..
i miss my husband alot..
he send me an sms this morning.. saying that usually he will hug me n kiss me 1st before get his moerning bath.. but today i'm not with him to hug him..
huuuuu... i want my hubby badly..
a bit tired now.. better leaving for demo the robots now..
love u honey..

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