Monday, July 26, 2004

It's been awhile rite..
Last Saturday I met ain.. we haven't seen each other so many years..
I'm damn glad to see u again kiddo..
Reminisce our old time together.. huhu.. so fun n sweet to remember..
N it's really nice of u to offer such helps..
millionzz of thanx from me n my lil family.. 4 everything..

My life's getting better now..
Sugar working like crazy..
U dun have to work that hard luv..
Pls dun push urself.. I'm worried so much..
N my baby boo's getting bigger.. it's almost 14 weeks now..
I heard a bad news today, my sister-in-law miscarriage..
So sorry 4 her.. mesti rase sedih gile kan.. 1st baby dah miscarriage..
I hope my baby won't leave me b4 he's born.. n my ummi dun have to worry so much coz she's still have another grand kid, my baby boo.. luv u baby..

I miss my sugah so much.. 4 three days berkepit ngan die, tetibe ari ni langsung tak dapat tgk muke die.. make me a lil bit suffer.. n I'm crying a lot coz missing him so much..
Can't wait to be with him again.. huuuuuuuu… I want my hubby.. gimme my hubby… I want him.. I want… I want..

There's lotsa things need to settle that cause lotsa money..
1. transfer money to ummi
2. call my supervisor, Dr.Nik
3. tempah kad kahwin (kajang) - rm100
4. collect Mykad (kajang) - rm100
5. go to hair saloon - rm130
6. top up - rm30

hoping my life will get better, better n better..
not only my life, but also my whole family will always in great wonderful life.. insyAllah..
n I wanna change slowly to be a better person..
someone that more matured, more kindhearted, more hardworking n more doing good deeds..
I used to be lazy like a pig, stupid like a cow, n slut like bitch..
muwhahahahhahaha… hikhik
I dun wanna be like that anymore..
God help me..

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