Saturday, August 13, 2011


lotsa rare & different things happened during this Ramadhan..
my life routine 275 degree change.. it's all because of my new school..
new scheduled, new subjects, new students and everything is new..
and just now, i have a small argument with my older sons, sampai die nak pack baju lari dari rumah.. part of it, it's my fault.. maybe because of my frustration towards my life now, i let out through my anger towards him.. i was hand him just now, coz he's 'jentik nonot adik die'.. of coz i mad, it's really hurt when u pinch boys private part.. n i was full with anger then i hit him n spank him.. n he hate it so much sampai nak lari dr rumah.. MasyaAllah~.. what I have done sampai die benci macam tuh skali kat aku.. what kind of mother I am..? I really wanna be a better mother.. InsyaAllah, God give me guidance.. waAllahualam..

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