Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alhamdulillah.. again..

Segala puji bagi Allah.. my life is getting better each day.. yeah, but of coz they will be up and down..
well, it's my second day at new school.. so, 'Ah lan wasahlam' International Islamic School.. hehe
of coz, am glad that i make a right decision to leave Sri Utama. Coz here is far better than there, the only thing i miss is my form 3B kids..
whatever it is, I am happier here.. yeay!
the only thing that makes me down is whenever i think about my debt. lotsa debt.. haiyaa.. I really can't control myself when it come to spend the money.
susah gile nak kontrol. so skarang ni nak kene cari jalan clear kan debt, coz i need to buy a new laptop. humm.. macam mane ar..
kalo nak buat tuition, memang dah tak larat dah, coz my current school is getting far from my house.. no time for tuition. humm..
well, may God murahkan rezeki bebanyak.. Aaamiin..
memikirkan upcoming raye.. memikirkan sume org showing off with Coach, CK, Micheal Korrs handbags.. how about me? -_-" banyak sgt temptation.
tension. takpela.. jgn lupe diri.. kite ni hutang dah banyak, sedarlah diri sikit yek..hehe