Monday, October 26, 2009

my sunctuary..

oo my..
miss this space lots..
its gona be november already
2009 gonna be end a few months ahead
and am still jobless
sad enuf eh..
hopefully i have a good jump start on 2010..

well, still the old me.
getting older perhaps.
getting wiser?
not really.
still trying to crawl out off from my own skin.
but think am more bless with our 2 months old asyraf n our 4 y.o dude aiman.
my marriage is great.
love hunky lots.
the only thing bothering me, money.
we have enuf to survive.
for somthing else?
i dun think so.
even more worried coz aiman gonna attend kindie next year.
and am still jobless.
vewy stressful k.

i am sangat2 berharap by next year, i have a proper job, so takde laa nak kene tukar2 keje lagi.
so, have some faith and move on.

spread some love..
n later..