Sunday, March 28, 2004

lotsa annoying stuff happend.. fuck tha' bitch... n tha' fucker jez msging me at yahoo.. uwekk.. ingat aku nak sgt kat fucker tuh.. eleh.. that lame loser guy? huh.. i can find sum1 betta laa... n to mr.P... also hell wif ya.. from now on... jez bare in your mind...

ude tgh chatting dgn @#$%^...nyeahahaha..very funto watch u know!!
highstyle at 3/27/2004 10:53:36 PM

wut's this bitch? fuck urself.. n fucking annoying.. aku baru jek nak maaf memaaf korang sume.. try to be nice to anyone.. but u jez fuck everything, bitch!!
M'sia - Sunday March 28 '04 (13:2pm)

it's pretty long time since last time i'm droppin' ere.. well.. lotsa things happen dude.. erm.. skarang kat sentul, at mu aunty's house.. coz this weekn got no plan at all... yesterday i jez sleepin' 4 da whole day.. n last nite i have catched flu, damn! ari ni bangun tido, headache... arghhhh......!!!!
last nite gak One has called me, gayut lame gak.. dah lame tak lepak2 n borak2 ngan die... biaselaa.. mr.phsycopath... huhu...

i wanna talk bout Pal_E.. my new guy.. i'v been doin lotsa things wif him.. n we dun even know wut's the status of our relationship actually.. every weekn i'll b spend most of my time wif him n his frenz.. they all bunch of cool dudes.. x-mrsm n educated, even have a mind of form 5 stu.. n they all kelantaneses... muawaahahahhaha... i do have fun wif 'em.. but.. everytime i spend time wif him.. after tha', i'll feel regret of wut i'm doin'.. how long we will stay this way huh? aku rase cam tak lame.. i do have a feeling 4 him.. but he seem's dun have any intention to get involve in serious relationship.. so do i... aargh...!
i feel all wrong.. but i dunno how to make things straight.. i'm pretty scared of this relationship.. coz i feel like i'm jez ruinin' myself.. O God... help me..


talking bout my practical training.. aduih.. nih satu hal.. whole 3days.. memang tade keje.. i was attach to AFC (automatic fund collector) dept.. buat project touch n go 4 STAR line.. 4th day got sum lectures bout our project frm my supervisor, mr.Hanafi... then 5th day, doing installation n sum technical stuff... n then tetibe my group leader assign me to do sum drawing... arghhhhh.... mati aku! mane laa aku reti sume tuh.. cibai tul! tension.. ape yg best kat aku nyer praktikal, i'm makin' sum new frenz.. n cutest 1 is hami mulia.. strange name rite? but she's so cute.. n we'r look alike.. hehe..

missing mr.P lots... huuwaaaaaaaa......

Saturday, March 13, 2004

M'sia - Saturday March 13 (11:52am)

hurm... jez reading ppl's blog.. muahahah.. searchin' inspirations actually... n drop by at tha' gal's blog.. saje jek singgah.. but get so menyampah becoz she's mention bout tha' fucker! damn!.. huhu.. wish tha' i can get a fine hot hunky bloke.. but 4 the time bein' i ain't fine one.. the only one i had found is a phsycopath mr.One.. damn!

last nite hang out wif eddy n his fren nabil.. went karaoke.. singing all along for 2 n half hours.. testing my skill but i ain't good in singing.. tha' nabil so damn good.. n he's got a really nice voice.. n he's hot.. muahahaha.. sumtimes malas ar nak layan eddy.. die ok jek.. tapi.. ntah.. maybe sebab he a lil bit chubby.. tha' wut's make me.. err.. dunno how to describe it.. he said he wanna get fit n skinny.. but nabil told me he already tried to diet for two months already.. but he's weight tak turun sket pun.. heheh.. sian eddy..

after hang around wif 'em, slept at 5am.. n wake up at 7:15 jez becoz i have to hang n dry out my clothes.. n then sleep again, wake up at 10:00am.. buzz mal, ask him sum favor to return my practical training form at faculty.. n stuck my head ere.. damn bored.. dun have any single plan today.. huhuuu..
M'sia - Saturday March 13 (11:22am)

I'm freaking pissed. Arg.. So frustrating. Sometimes in life, you just wanna give up whatever you're doing and just sit down, and think bout what you wanna do in the future, or think if what you're doing now really serves a purpose in life. I mean, ok, there're times where you are having the time of your life, and you think "hm, so life doesn't suck as I thought it would." Then when you're at the bottom of your "life-curve", you start saying how much life sucks and bla bla bla. Yea, so they say... Your life has this curve, this U shaped curve. Sometimes you can be at the top, and at other times, you're at the bottom. And they always say... Things might be bad now, but it'll get better. Just give it time. Yea, it's easy to say, but hello? I ain't gonna live forever.. I can't just waste my time giving IT time..
Don't you sometimes feel that whatever you've planned is just too good to be true? And don't you find that everytime you plan something this way, a small part of it, or prolly the WHOLE plan just goes wrong?

Yea, just move on in life, dump whatever's in your past, forget your past, just step forward into your remaining life as a new, clean, revamped person. Start from the scratch. Geez, if it's that easy, there wouldn't be all these shit around now.
So I've been thinking. Should I really give up whatever I have, then just continue life here as a person alone? Take it slow and easy, don't let the past haunt me, forget all that I've got back home (besides my family), and just be a new person in a new country.
That's a good idea huh? Think I'll just do that. S.L.O.W.L.Y..
I'm seriously sick of waiting. Actually, I've been waiting all my life, the time's still not here. Fuck it. Where has it gone? I don't wanna keep waiting and waiting and wasting my life away. I don't wanna wait any longer. The longer you wait, the longer your patience wears thin. It's very thin already. Don't wanna keep lying to myself. Don't wanna keep having these hallucinations and imaginations. Don't wanna have something I can't touch. Don't wanna keep hoping and praying and wishing. It doesn't come true.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

M'sia - Thursday, March 11 (23:52pm)

well, it's almost 3 hours.. wasting ma money ere.. damn.. dahlaa tgh broke.. cess.. huh.. td last paper... actually this nite plan nak tgk vcd ngan yana.. but here i am.. actually i create a new blog 4 ma self.. so that any regular person read ma blog b4 ain't reading ma blog anymore.. n i have to start a new life again.. wut's done is done.. i need to think bout future.. wut's coming is more important then past..
umm... i'm getting close again wif wan.. he actually freak out of me.. he tot that i wanna have a sexual realatonship wif him.. stupid ass..! i dun have any single attention to do it wif him.. huh! alaa.. sumtimes ppl got horny.. standard ar.. ntah pe2 ar mamat tuh..
after this, i'll try to be myself.. the part he knews is bad side of me.. n that's not really me.. i wanna show him.. who's the real me.. jez the ordinary tudung gal.. frm ukm.. nyeehahahahah...
alrite.. cc dah nak tutup..
Hey comic book geek! How you describe your personality?
veloptuous- va-va-voom!!

If u weren’t so bz looking pretty, what would be your perfect job?
Fashion designer

Hmm… interesting, tell me more. I’m getting horny… wait.. no I’m not.. umm, yes I am! Are you:
Part of the team..

Lets say you bumped into somebaody who murdered your parents. What would you do to him/her?
Apply my own brand of justice, never mess with chicks man!

How would you describe your style of dress?
Retro. Stick wif wut works..

What your greates asset. Besides your looks that kill..
Up beat attitude

What statements applies to you?
If there is a problem, you bet your ass woman can take care of it.

Choose some colours:
Blue and white

Let’s talk bout the wretched nemesis of yours. Who the hell is he/she?
My ex boyfren, tha’ bastard

What kind of crime would you be most comfortable foiling?
World domination.. ( and maybe the sexual domination..)

Tell me bout your fighting style?
I start by kicking everyone’s ass, then get a nice pedicure

So gorgeous. What do you look like?
Total hottie. I’m gorgeous.. muwahahahahha…

What’s your philosophy on men?
I’m total flirt. Hey, guys aren’t the only ones with little black books, rite!

Let’s talk super powers! What sounds most appealing to you:
Telekenetic abilities

Hey I know you! (or do you have a secret identity?)
Shhh, I wear mask, or at least alter my appearance..

Finally.. you see someone trip and fall down. Knowing that you are, in fact a superhero. They yell out to you..
“hey baby! You gonna help me out here, or jez sit there in your tights and look pretty?” how do you respon?
“You need an attitude adjustmen, sugah!”

How would you describe yourself?
innocent, guilty, complex, confuse n a lil bitchy..

What do you listen to when you are growing up?
spice girls, boyzone,greenday, nirvana and last but not least KRU

People would be amazed to discover that you..
are looking innocent but sumtimes can be a real bitch

The line that can describe your life so far..

What's the first thing you'd do if you'r invicible..
go to the men's room n compared who has the biggest dick.. hahaha..

Growing up, i swore i would never
fall in luv wif a lame muther fucker! again..

If people peeked into your fridge, what they'r gonna find..
milk, vanilla coke, ice-cream, chocolates, yogurt, kiwi n grapes..

what's never fail to make you smile?
to see another smile..

what's the best thing being you?
sumtimes people find me innocent , but i'm not tha' innocent.. muahhahaha...
what are you doing today?
taking my 2nd last paper

how are you feeling today?

what make you feel happy today?
ramzi n yana

what make you feel stress today?

what you eat today?
nasi lomak jer

what are you wearing today?
yellow tshirt n checkers shorts

what song you listen today?

what movie you watch today?

what subject you study today?
facility design
person u love most
my mum

person u hate most
tha' fucker!

person u adored most
my mum (beside the Prophet Muhammed)

person u like most

person u would like to date most
A gorgeous gay!

person u would like to hug most
Wan (becoz he's so big n cushy)

person u would like to take revenge most
tha' fucker

friend u like most
amar (besides my clique; ani, sya, zie n munie)

girl u like most

guy u like most

person u like to watch most
a gal who's living in da same block wif me (damn, she's drop dead gorgeous)
today.. tired..