Wednesday, August 25, 2010

pretty much of new life..

of coz, life's getting better now..
for all the hard work and susah payah.. it's worth every second of it..
thank God.. Alhamdulillah..
now, I think am gonna start to have a dose of blogging everyday of my life now.. coz i need to let it out everything, inside out..
my life is so hectic nowday.. with 2 sons, and Asyraf is one year already, really worn me out.. don't even have time for myself..
n since Ramadhan, my energy also like going down.. pepagi ok lagi.. tapi bile dah start lunch.. mule laa rase letih nak mati.. tak tau nape.. maybe, badan aku ni not enough nutrition kot.. since Asyraf still breastfeeding, so most my nutrient is being sucked by him.. haiz.. penatnye..
so mengantuk already..
continue later..