Wednesday, July 30, 2008


am still frozen here. not going anywhere.
sangat sux, coz nothing interesting occur lately..
but, am kinda happy wif my love life.. *and my sex life also =)*
am such a happy wife.. weee~
rase cam nak tukar keje..
tapi tgh pikir, what kind of kejer i shud switch to..
am consider being a unit trust agent, kalo buat unit trust bebetul, bleh cepat dapat duit.. so, wif sum money, i can do anything i wish for..
like taking courses in fine arts or graphic design, or photography..
humm... menarik jugak tuh..
ok, another option perhaps?
gov servant..?
err.. am not sure laa about that..
tho, being in gov, ur job will be 99% secure..
but.. ur life will be routine.. and.. i don't know..
it's jez dun interest me..
anything else..? humm..?
graphic design?
well, i jez have a really basic knowledge bout design..
i dun think i confident enough doing that kind of job...
but' i wud really luv to try..
what kind of job i want..?
humm~ tgh pikir ar ni..

Friday, July 25, 2008

life sux..

life kinda not that interesting lately..
but am still survive.. no worry..
am kinda have the urge to meet and getting know sum new ppl..
making new friend..
even sum makcik in shopping mall or pasar would do..
i don't know why..
i luv ppl who honest and so truthful with their life..
sometime, when looking at them, tho they jez jual sayur at pasar..
but they have the aku-sangat-gembira-dgn-hidup-aku look..
n they jez can't stop smiling..
if only i cud feel that way....

all my life, i've been thru such a complicated life..
i dun know why..
my childhood kinda normal..
but becoz the mulfunction relationship between me and my parents, speshly my dad..
turn me into such a trouble maker..
am always in trouble.. no matter what..
how can i do to straight things up, so there's no more trouble in my life..
no more susah hati..
no more "ape aku nak buat ni.."
banyak lah no more nyer..
so how ar..

shud take some time, n thinking..
think alot..

today there wud be another jogging session..
talking bout jogging..
aku sangt suke berjogging lately..
coz my fav jogging spot ade seorang anak ikan yg extremely hot n good looking.. phew~
bukan aku nak menggatal ok, tapi sekadar cuci mate..
at that park.. i'm the only chic yg jog kat situh, yg lain sumer aunty2 and uncle berserta beberape org apek..
and suddenly, a past few day, this hot looking anak ikan dtg jogging kat sini..
oh chenta..!
everytime die muncul, aku akan tersenyum tersipu-sipu seorang diri..
namenyer syok sdiri ar.. coz he dun even look at me..
sblah mate pun tak,ok..hehe..
alaa no worry laa.. he probably 10 years younger than me..
oh, adakah aku begitu tue..?
makne nyer.. budak tuh kemungkinan besar adelah budak skolah..
tapi die extremely tall.. and his look.. gulp!~
stakat cuci mate bleh laa..
oklaa tuh, dapat jogging n cuci mate..
ok what..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


do u ever know somebody yg always being paranoid..
susah jugak nak handle org paranoid..
i mean paranoid dengan sumer bende..
oklaa, kekadang aku sdiri pun paranoid jugak..
speshly bile hunky everyday kluar mlm after keje..
mesti ar aku paranoid..
tapi, kalo orang dah paranoid dengan something yang sangat unreasonable..
adelah sangat sucks..
ok, sekarang aku tgh menghadapi seorang perempuan, yang sangat paranoid dengan aku coz die ingat aku ade affair ngan anak die..
bukan die tak tau aku dah ade laki n anak..
n die rase camtuh coz die dengar buah mulut from a sonofbitch yang sangat fucking loser, dan aku tak tau nape sonofbitch dengki sangat ngan aku..
rase cam sial jek..
huh, sux gile..
dah laa hari ni, such a very bad day to me..
si hitam tuh tanak hidup..
that kid fetch aku kat umah.. no worry, hunky knows..
rase sangat sux n mengantuk gile
tak tau nape..

whatever it is..
better leave for zohor..

God bless us..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

saye and I

since last nite, i dok scan gambar2 lame i since skolah, matriks and mase kat ukm..
tapi i lupe plak nak bawak dtg ofis, so i bleh upload kat i nyer frenster..
tapi pagi tadi i tgh slongkar barang i, i terjumpe laa cd yg ade mark, pics 2003..
so i pun bukak tengoklaa.. banyaknyer gambar i yang i dah lame tak tgk..
tapi sume tuh gambar i mase kat ukm..
mase i 3rd year kot..
mase tgh bercinte ngan that fariz fucker..
n still be friend with that betine..(want to use the word bitch, but am calling my babe bitch.. so, betine is kinda sesuai laa yer..)
but still, am so glad am found that cd..
ops, tercakap omputih laa..
i sangat laa suke dapat jumpe cd tuh..
banyak gambar i mase kat urusetia kerjaye..
mase jadi budak2 nakal dan berkawan ngan kanak-kanak yang tidak matang..
adalah sangat menghiburkan.. wee!
i sangat rindu pada saat2 itu..
teringin jugak nak jumpe kawan2 lame i..
tapi i rase dah ramai yang dah ade laki macam i..
so, kebarangkalian nak jumpe ramai2 smule adalah sangat tipis..
ape2 pun, i sangat gumbira kalau they all sume dapat berkumpul kat bilik UK kat bawah tuh.. tapi malangnye bilik uk pun dah pindah kat atas..
sampai skarang i dah tak jumpe budak2 tuh lagi..
al maklumlah, i kan dah ade laki and anak bujang..
so i busy laa sket.. nak buat camner..
tanggungjawab i laa kan..

oklaa, i dah letih nak menggedik..
nak kene menyambut seruan Tuhan, pegi smayang zohor..
so i mintak diri dulu..


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


am feeling sux. the hormon in me really screw my mood coz i haven't bleeding for two months. so sux! no, am not pregnant, coz am already did the UPT, it's negative k.
i really need to indulge myself wif yummy creamy good food, but the gaji tak dapat lagi. sux lagi. i need to pamper myself, need a new pair of shoes, a black pump perhaps. a new handbag and a couple of blouse and dress. thats really make up my mood. but, hell macam laa aku dapat beli sume bende tuh skarang. arghh! sangat sux!
and i have zits all over my face. WTF!!!???
nie sume the sucking hormon nyer pasal. screw up everything.
so, what am gonna do now. sucking my feeling..? huh!
i need to listen to the bitch song.. yaa.. i think so..