Friday, September 28, 2007

junk.. mlm ni balik kg..

This morning woke up as early as 6:30am..
*x puase ok…*
last nite settle down to sleep as late as 2:00 am..
so my hubby already have his sahur before went to sleep, so
we dun have to get our ass up 3 hours later to have sahur..

this morning, got up..
doing laundry.. 2 round..
pack up.. getting ready nak balik kg tonite…
*yeayea balik kg.. best nyer..! =D*
tup tap.. tup tap..
already 8:30..
try to get everybody up..
'everybody" is jez hubby n aiman je sbenarnye..
as usual..
the hubby 10 minutes later baru bangun..
n aiman langsung tak bangun till angkat die hantar rumah babysitter..

getting ready.. go to work..
when I reach the office.. the lady boss is already here..
awal gile die dtg ari ni..
so, I have to start my work as early as I reach office laa..
but, still here I am..
writing this junk..


Thursday, September 27, 2007

finally got sum lil time for my self..
actually dari tadi all the time i'm doing my own stuf..
chat ngan w.rose..
pegi pasar ramadan..
buat tulaa.. buat nilaa..
cume nak tido je tak sempat..
gile makan gaji bute pompuan ni.. heheheh

here are my lil handmade yg comey..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

outside is raining

it's raining heavily outside..
abislaa.. i jez did my laundry this morning..
tak laa byk, tapi.. abislaa..

suddenly i'm on wif a feel good feeling.. dunno y..
maybe bcoz i jez membaham separuh bekas Almond london tadi..
yum..yum.. i bought em 30bux for 100 pcs..
murahkan..? tho the stuffs takde laa sedap sgt, tapi okla,
coz dat biskut raye ade coklet..

while lepak2 wasting time, i 'ter'read one article in star's mention about maid..
bile cakap psal maid ni..
teringat k.imah..
my husband's grandma's maid..
k.imah ni basically a nice gal..
she's indon n slightly older than me..
dulu mase awal2 kawen, i can sense die cam tak suke aku..
*tho my husband's grandma herself kinda not really into me..*
k.imah ni rajin buat keje..
tapi die ni suke menyibuk psal hal2 family..
then die suke buat citer n jadi batu api between family member..
die penah cakap kat mak sedare ni, yg maktuk ni lagi sayang mak sedare yg lagi satu..
coz mak sedare yg lagi satu ni byk duit..
bleh tak die pegi racun2 org mcm tuh..
cam kurang ajar gile laa kan..
last time, die couple ngan bangla..
*indon ngan bangla.. eloklaa tuh..*
banglaa tuh slalu kasi duit kat die..
die pun dah nak kawen ngan bangla tuh..
skali mak bapak die kat kg tak kasik..
sian k.imah..
takde jodoh lagi..

so kesimpulannye..
aku rase laa kan.. macam yg minah tuh tulis dlm the star tuh..
maid ni bukan sume jahat..
aku rase ramai je yg ok..
tapi, dah pegi amik maid yg bukan m'sian..
it's gonna take lotsa efforts n patience laa..
coz dierang ni come from a very different background dr kite..
so cam susah ar sket nak adapt ngan kite nyer lifestyle..
lagipun sume org not perfect..
ade je cacat celanye kat memane..
*macam aku jugak =) *

to k.imah..
sumtimes u can be a real pain in the ass..
sumtimes u r very nice..
thanx.. coz tolong jage maktuk ngan atuk salim elok2..

selamat hari raye..

red flag

no wonder few days back aku rase cam grumpy gile..
dem.. period of the month..
tot gonna period this coming syawal..
rupe2 nye tgh jln lagi dah kibar red flag..
umm.. nak buat camner...

tgh takde idea yg menarik nak tulih..
mayb i shud go n find sum idea first..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

flower in hand

nothing interesting..
hari ne buat design label for hand washing liquid..
dapat jumpe gambar tgn sume kat getty images..
ni haa gambar tgn yg cantik2 itu..
tapi yg pakai kat label 1 jek..

Monday, September 24, 2007

takde mood..

today am really not in the mood..
tho the weekn is great..
both sat n sun we'r berbuke outside..
my x-skoolmet buat small gath kat umah nolie sumwer in segambut..
the most happening time that nite, when mc ar's coming..
she's kinda a celeb rite now..
n she's slimmer n drop dead gorjes..
everybody like..
"woa.. mc ar..
comey nyer mung!"
she's hella fat n big b4, she's even got diabetes ever
since she's 5 years ol..
but now, she's slimmer,thanx to green apple diet.. wer she jez eat the green apple without eating nasik at all for more than 3months.. huh!
kalo aku, jgn harap laa nak tinggal nasik, 3months lak tuh..

yesterday plak..
k.ayu buat majlis bukak puase kecik2 jek..
coz smlm haikal 4th befday..
everybody's was there..
i was so happy to see all of em..
even aiman having a great time.. coz all the cousins were there..
but sayang takde camera nak captured all the budak2 comey n nakal2 itu..
btw, good news..
k.anim nak jual digicam die kat aku..
best..! best..!
digicam die memang best..
good thing bleh buat installment..
n aku bleh bayar sket2..
n konfem kat anim jual murah jek..
but the thing is, i'll buy it by my my own duit..
coz hubby also buy thing from kat anim.. her PDA..
slalu jek dpt 2nd hand frm k.anim..
oklaa tuh..
nak beli baru cam mahal sgt..
beli ngan k.anim lagi better..
coz all the gadget from her are the highest quality..
ok wat, 2nd hand pun..better laa kan..

sgt demoralized..
taktaulaa nape..
sgt in the mood nak balik kg..
tak sabar gile..
tapi balik 2 hari jek..
tak kesahlaa..
lagipun bukan papa kene drive..
dahlaa dapat naik kete best..
ee cannot wait laa..
cepatlaa friday..

Friday, September 21, 2007

need a boost..

ok, the truth is..
i'm bored..
bored like *&^%%$....
i need to do sumthing to boost my energy..
i'd luv to do sky diving..
i'd luv to snowboarding..
or snorkling..
or scuba diving..
arghh..! (*sambil menarik tudung yg telah senget benget..*)

i jez view this fotopages safiyah-maisarah..
she's a daughter of one of my short scandal b4 i dump him for my husband..
he's now married (shortly after i get married), have a daughter n staying at sheffield.. his wife studying there..
ape aku nak citer sbenarnye..?

sbenarnye aku nak citer yg aku dengki tgk mamat tuh, yg tak seberapa kacak pun (laki aku lagi jauh lagi kacak)tapi dapat tinggal kat oversea, anak dpt growing up kat oversea.. bestnyer..
aku dengki sebab bukan aku nak kat die, nyesal dump die ke..
hohoho.. jauh sekali tidak..
cume aku jeles gile kat die..
coz.. what a wonderful life they have..

seriously ok..
daughter die of coz laa kurang comey, lagi comey aku nyer aiman..
tapi look at those pics.. yg kurang comey pun jadi jauh lagi comey..

i think i wanna put 1 more thing on my wish list..
i wanna staying at the New Zealand n grow up a family there..
why New Zealand..?
becoz my brother n sis in law already staying there..
n i think i'm also wanna join 'em ..
who knows..?
we can have a more exciting wonderful life over there..

ummm.. (*berfikir sambil menggaru-garu kepala yg gatal..*)
i think it's pretty good idea..
maybe i shud propose my husband..

Thursday, September 20, 2007


while am on my ride wif my husband this morning..
i was thinking about..being grateful..
the first thing that i would like to thank God is..
a wonderful family that i have.. my husband n my son..

but now..

i feel like am going to burst into tears..

one nite..

i came across of my ol journal on my pc..
i read back.. n realize..
those time..
when i jez get married.. n jez have my baby...
there's lotsa love in the air..
i love my husband deeply..
i love aiman fondly..
tho at those time, we'r badly struggling wif our financial..
but, it's ok.. how bad it could be, we still have each other..

but today..


the air of love dah macam tercicir a bit by a bit when day goes by..
i start to feel annoyed wif him.. almost everyday..
sumtimes i can be a real pain in his ass..
so does him..
probably he feel the same way bout me..

dulu2.. nak pegi memane.. mesti nak ajak aku follow skali..
tapi skarang, he prefer me not to follow him n stay home..
sumtimes i feel like terkilan..
why in the world he act like that?


before i start to work..
he used to promise me, when i start to have a job..
he would help me with the houseworks..
but the promise.. was jez a promise..
aku bukan nak sgt pun die buat keje2 umah..
at least show sum concern ok..
he never help me out wif the houseworks..
but worse..
balik jek.. die jez baring depan tv tgk bola..
n me..
i will start tidy up my room.. (basically bersepah ngan baju die gak..)
then go to dapur, prepare for dinner..
after that settle with aiman ( aiman's always take a loo rite after i take him frm the babysitter house)
then, the kids will come down to my house, tution..
after 1 hour n half..
the kids gone, n i'm already flat out..
but he..
biasenye time tuh die dah ready2 nak kuar umah, jumpe kekawan plak..
n my work not finish yet, coz the laundry also bertimbun-timbun lagi..
that's the time when i feel really2 annoyed wif him..

n sumtimes..

while we'r at work..
we have lunch together, he treat me like i nobady to him..
like i jez sumone he know who jez has lunch with him..
then kalo berjalan, biaselaa..
he will walk a few steps ahead of me.. instead of jalan sesame..
ape lagi nak pegang2 tgn..

he has this kind of attitude..
bile kat luar or when there's sumbody else..
this kind of attitude like..
"oo, die bini aku, buat ape aku nak peluk2 die,
pegang2 tgn die depan org.. alaa, she can handle herself..
buatpe aku nak risau lebih2.."

tapi bile kat rumah,
he want me to treat him like anak raja..
basically i jez do it..
he's my husband, n i luv to spoil him..
but does he do the same thing towards me..?

he does sumtimes hug me from behind..
n kiss me.. he do that alot while we r home..
it's the only thing i luv about him..
when he wake up in the morning, he asks for a kiss first, n hugs..
then kiss my son.. hugs..

that's the reason why i love him..
becoz sumtimes he can be so sweet..

i think..

love alone doesn't enuf in a relationship..
especially, a life time commitment..
we have to work on lotsa things..
like a flower..
to keep it grow n berbunge dgn cantik..
kene letak baja.. n siram hari2..
kalo tak siram..tak letak baje..
bunga tuh jadik layu..
tak cantik..
n lame2 mati..
that's the same thing happen in a relationship..


i'm trying to do the best of me to keep the relationship grow..
sumtimes i feel i wanna took time off from him..
but i dun have time off, even for awhile..
but i do think, how to keep it grow..?
i couldn't find a way..

i jez hope n pray to Allah..
this relationship..
this little family..
will stay grow ever n after..
coz i wanna wait for him..
in Pintu Syurga..

i willingly to give my heart, my body n my soul.. to u..
never cross in my conscious mind to give u up..
u'r the best man i ever find to keep me warm at nite..
to make me smile when the day start to shine..
to burst a tear when the sunshine gone n the rain start to pouring down..
i pray n keep my hope..
u'r always be there when the rainbows come..
n whenever it's gone..
i love u..'

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

sleepy face

hari ini adalah sgt mengantuk..
seriously takde mood nak buat keje..
as always, hari2 dtg design label..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the cantankerous feelng had gone..
now i feel good.. *sengih..sengih..*
coz tadi gi pasar ramadhan ngan ayip..
*papa..jgn marah.. =)*
die jadi tour guide..
slalu pegi sesorang, kalo ade org teman best gak..
lagi2 yg temankan tuh anak ikan yg gorjes lak..
heheh.. *gatal laa pulak minah ni..*
finally dpt jugak beli lasagna yg nampak cam best itu..
memang nampak cam best, aku rase memang best coz everytime aku turun pasar ramadan at 5:30, lasagna die dah tinggal a few pieces.. esok nak try die nye berry cheese cake plak..
aku tgk die nyer cake..
nyum..nyum.. nampak cam best gile..
tapi kan, die nyer price cam beli dekat secret recipe plak..
kalo sedap cam secret recipe oklaa..

nak pegi smayang asar lak..

thanx ayip, temankan akak pegi pusing2 kat pasar ramadan..

wink.. wink..



aku pepagi dtg ofis bengang gile..
aku dah 2 minggu tak jumpe bos..
die suh aku buat design utk label detergent2 tuh..
pastuh banyak songeh plak..
masalahnyer, everything die jez tinggal note jek..
zetty, but tuh..buat nih..
then, zetty... tukar tuh tukar nie, tukar tuh..
n ade this one artwork, for advert kat dlm flyers media focus..

die suh aku tukar background ade gambar bukit bulat2 n ade gambar helang...
gambar2 yg dah ade pun dah berminggu2 aku carik..
mane aku nak carik gambar bukit bulat ade gambar helang or kelawar..

pastuh die suh aku buat design pelik2..
kekadang bende yg die suh, aku buat tuh takleh nak buat..
tapi aku takleh nak xplen kat die by note, coz i have to explain verbally, dem!
bos aku plak, die tak dtg keje siang..
die keje mlm jek..
lagi2 bln puase ni..
after terawih baru dtg ofis...

that's the thing makes me wanna switch my job..


Monday, September 17, 2007


hey, today the fifth day we puase rite..
n ari ni adelah hari plg tak meltihkan.. yey..!

do you see the mood icon at the bottom..
it's show that i'm ambitous today..

everytime i go to the meeting at Prudential,
i will be return feeling very ambitious..
yup, i'm gonna change my pathway to be an insurance agent..
seriously ok..
what i like to be in the Prudential,
everyday we will meet ppl who very hardworking n
motivated wif high self-esteem..
n seeing 'em..
really drive me up..

i really wanna grab my goal, that this coming
May 2008
i'll got paid 5grand per month..


it's not that i terkejar-kejar all the materials n glamorous stuff..
i jez wanna make mylife better n able to help other ppl..

that's the stuff i wanna catch around, sooner..


work hard..
pray hard..
luv loads..

papa.. aiman.. luv u sooo..

May 2008
RM5,000 Monthly

Thursday, September 13, 2007


lately my lady boss dtg awal..
tak sempat nak buat bende2 ngarut kat ofis..
biase 1st 2hours,mesti sesorang jek kat ofis..
so at that time laa aku buat kejer2 mengarut..
cam update blog..
bace blog org..
update frenster..
n yadaa..yadaaa..

tak tau laa nape k.sidah *she's the lady boss, ok*..
slalu dtg awal.. tak best ar..

today, the fasting holy month has started.
we bangun sahur only eat nasik berlauk ikan sardin n serunding daging.
not bad, walaupun takdelaa sedap sgt..
but okla..
till, 10 am now..
takde rase letih pun lagi..

well, hope this Ramadhan i could change my way of life..
change a bit to be a better person..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


hey, i'm back...! using my ol' blog..
hahaha.. before this pakai the bellemommy..
tapi that one aku rase cam cux gile..
aku rase this one lagi gorjes n cool..
i change the pic..
see, ain't that lady is gorjes..
i wish it is me..

i feel vewy apathetic gile..
unmotivated n sleepy..
uaaaarghhh... *menguap dengan mulut terbuka seluas-luasnya..*
takde idea lagi nak blog ape..
ayb sumtimes later..
beside the skin template tak update lagi..
maybe later on also..
maybe i shud get back to work..