Friday, November 09, 2007

lotsa things in my mind..

the major mess is about changing my job..
when i start to luv everything bout my job now..
suddenly i've got a better offer..
better mean, they pay better.. alot better..
the problem is, the job am gonna work on with
is totally different from what am doing now..
rase sayang sgt nak tinggalkan keje skarang..
tak tau laa..

last nite, already have a deep thought (sambil2 lipat baju yg bergunung..)
finally, i'v decided to switch my job..
they'r really paying me better..
sebenarnye.. memanglaa better.. tapi takde laa banyak sgt pun..
coz gaji skarang pun sciput je, yg aku dapat offer tuh.. lebih sket..
becoz am really need to improve my financial level..
so i really have to accept that job..
tho i ain't like it (for now laa)..
mane tau later2 aku pun jatuh cinte ngan keje tuh nanti..
who knows..

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