Friday, November 23, 2007

lil bored..

listen to marie digby singing really makes my mind floating around.. dreaming..

this week office kinda boring..
coz i keep doing the same thing all over again, there's sum problems wif my design file n am still trying to sort out till this day..
except, yeterday, am really have fun at the office..
ayip was here, we watch all the funny stupid youtubes.. watch Pirates of the caribbean at the world's end for the 3rd time.. n trying to sort that farking stupid illustrator.. erghh..
ok, ayip is like a lil brother to me, he's my boss' son ok..
n we r kinda have the same interests alot..
from musics, muvis to gadgets..
even when i introduce him to marie digby, he's then totally crazy over her..
but, becoz he's the boss junior.. he's rarely showing up at the office..

coz my mind is already dry out..
i think wanna sooth it wif more of marie digby.. yeeeha..

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