Tuesday, July 01, 2008


am feeling sux. the hormon in me really screw my mood coz i haven't bleeding for two months. so sux! no, am not pregnant, coz am already did the UPT, it's negative k.
i really need to indulge myself wif yummy creamy good food, but the gaji tak dapat lagi. sux lagi. i need to pamper myself, need a new pair of shoes, a black pump perhaps. a new handbag and a couple of blouse and dress. thats really make up my mood. but, hell macam laa aku dapat beli sume bende tuh skarang. arghh! sangat sux!
and i have zits all over my face. WTF!!!???
nie sume the sucking hormon nyer pasal. screw up everything.
so, what am gonna do now. sucking my feeling..? huh!
i need to listen to the bitch song.. yaa.. i think so..

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