Tuesday, April 29, 2008


there're a bunch of muvis i dun wanna miss and can't hardly wait to wacth it.


over her dead body
.:Over Her Dead Body:.

i know.. i know it's already at wayang, but i dun have time to watch it at wayang, so i jez wait for the original copy pirate dvd. hey, it's only cost me 6 bux for crystal clear pic, tho i have to wait longer, soccay.. coz am still manage to watch it.

then i wanna watch


i wonder why it hasn't been showed at our Wayang, coz this muvi has been released for quite awhile now. maybe coz it's related to pig, so our cinema tanak tayang. cam haram. this muvi included Christina Ricci and Reese witherspoon.. where witherspoon are the co-producer of this muvi.. kalo tgk die nyer officialsite, sangat best n comey lalalaaa..
huumm.. penelope.. where are thou..?

pastuh aku nak layan Mc Dreamy lak..

.:Made Of Honor:.

cerite die ala-ala my best friend wedding.. yang bezanye, die tuh lelaki, bestfren die pompuan. tak kesahlah citer tuh same ke tak. asalkan ade Mc Dreamy, ok jelaa..

the layan plak my fav hot hunky.. ashton kutcher..

.:What Happens In Vegas:.

die nyer gazet lawak gile. cam biase ar, ashton ngan cameron slalu buat citer cenggini.. so, lawak die cam predictable ar.. anyway, i'd luv to watch it.. who cares!

then, another romantic comedy.. from uma thurman..

.:The Accidental Husband:.

another romantic comedy.. well, what the hell, am jez looking for some humor to laugh in.. so, another lame romantic won't harm, rite..?

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