Wednesday, January 07, 2009


.: HER :.

the most influence person in my life.
i know i disappoint her a lot after from one to another mistakes i did in my life.
i know am such a failure for her.
it breaks me down anyway, to know she feels that way towards me.
i used to be so manje with her when i was a kid.
the one that her wish always be granted.
but when i started to live my life in boarding school.
we falled apart.
and there came the crisis storm in our house.
i became bitter n cold person.
never really cared about what happened around me.
things getting more complicated every each day.
i was always wish that i could go away n live on my own.
well, basically my wish kinda came true.
coz since 13 years ol, i never had a chance to stay home more than a month.
till my final year in 'U', i've got married and never got a chance to live under one roof with her again.
i wish i could fix things up with her.
but i can't. It's really hard for me to open up and feel warmth towards her.
sumthings i never did for 20 years.
lame tuh..
"Syurga Di Bawah Tapak Kaki Ibu"
i try to be grateful, coz i still have a chance to make it up things with her.
but how am gonna do it?
ummm... tak tau laaa~


.: Love n Hate :.

ever heard a song "Cinta Dalam Hati" from Ungu.
i had a younger guy fall for me before.
he dedicate this song to me.
is it true..
in love with someone alone can make you happy.
of coz laa, kite happy bile in love.
tapi in love saje without having the person u love, cukup ke utk kite bahagie?
but, its absolutely not for me.
when am in love, i'll do anything to make him mine.
if i cant, jez forget about it.
tapi masalahnye, ade gak org camtuh erk.
lantak laa dierang.
aku pi susah2 pening sakit kpale watpe.
takde keje tul.

k laa back to work.
tadi tgh emo sket.
takde mood ar plak nak sambung citer.
hummm.. ^___^"


ladyamera said...

babe, u know what..aku pon xbaik ngan mak aku..well, i dont think i'm ever gonna be..

lady of my life said...

umm.. aku slalu jeles ngan org yg dapat manje2 ngan mak die. like my in laws. but, at least i have a vewy cool mom in law. ThankGod. hopefully u've got one someday,babe. Pray 4 ya...~