Tuesday, August 26, 2008

well, ppl keep cerite having good time with their own mom.
but i dun really have a pure sweet memories with my ummi.
am kinda sad. n now, i do feel sad.
if only i cud breakaway from whatever things around me now.
jez left like that.
i feel sucks now.
the only happiness that can bring the smile in me, jez hunky.
i miss hunky alot.

it is so many time i've tried to think what the best for me.
but stil, i cudn't figure out what.
it sucks ok. sgt sucks.
coz everyone around me now, is jez trying to let me down.
and i cudn't find any single humanbeing who i can really trust and lean on..
not even hunky.. coz he's barely understand me..
am crushing down..

Ya Allah..
ampunkanlah aku..

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